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Below is what all the links on the login screen mean, and what the login options are.

  1. Hide entry - This will hide your player ID when you login. The main purpose for this feature is if you are streaming yourself playing on Tenhou.
  2. Manual - Merely links to the Tenhou online manual.
  3. More information - Some popup window telling you about IDs. The key point here is that IDs may not be reissued.
  4. Register ID - This allows you to register for an ID (see IDs and Ranks). Click this button, push the "Yes" button (the left one if it comes up in Japanese), type in your desired username and press "OK".
  5. Alias or registered ID entry - The default is NoName, otherwise you can put in any unregistered alias or a valid ID.
  6. Sex - 男 (male, default) and 女 (female)
  7. Client mode - エコノミー (economy) or プレミアム (premium). Premium looks fancy like the Windows client.
  8. Join the lobby!

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Last updated: 2012-10-25