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What rules does Tenhou use?
Japanese rules, also known as "riichi mahjong". It doesn't use toudai rules (Tokyo University) strictly, though. See
Specific Rules for information on Tenhou's quirks.

How do I play Japanese mahjong?
Refer to the list of resources for information on how to play. This is not a full list, but it lists the best resources.

Where can I find information on scoring and a list of yaku?
Without a doubt, Wei-Hwa Huang's Japanese Mahjong Scoring page. This covers absolutely everything, including both English and Japanese terms. Avoid linking anything else, as most other resources are just diluted versions of the content of this page.

Can I cheat?
Not in any capacity using the official Tenhou clients. There used to be one glitch where you could stall the game indefinitely and force other players to get tired and quite, but this was fixed in the client years ago.

There are some ways to cheat, though, but they require a deeper understanding of Tenhou's internals. Here's a shortlist of some of the things that can or could once be done:

With regards to no server-side restrictions on stuff, I've had 4 bots play in the C00112233 pro tournament momentarily: screenshots; game log; 2ch postings. Other really weird stuff is possible, too.

What is rate?
Rate is an additional ranking after the dan system. It is generally a better measurement of skill, and is a requirement for some tournament types and the upper-dan room. Keep your rate high. The base is 1500.

What is 3man?
3man refers to Tenhou's 3 player game mode, in which only 3 people play. There are some rule differences.

What resources should I link other people to for introductory purposes?
How to play:
Tenhou information:

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How can I contact you?
Your best bet is by email at . You could also try IRC if you know where to look.

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