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This is a pictorial guide like the ID purchase page. It is mostly self explanatory.

What is a championship?

A championship is a special lobby that allows games to be played in a set period of time, in which players are ranked on their performance to give an overall ranking. It functions more or less identically to a regular lobby, except that you have to be invited (someone sends you the link to it) to play (unless you organised it, of course). Players' ranks are determined by the sum of their best 3 or 5 successive game scores.

Setting up a championship lobby

  1. To make a championship, follow the "make room" link at the top.
  2. Choose the lower button to create a championship lobby.

  3. You get two links. The first one is the public link to the championship lobby which you should give out. The second one takes you to the settings page for the championship, and you can give this out to anybody else who might be administering the championship. Notice the ID has a bit extra on it so that it can't be guessed.

  4. Below is an explanation of all the options available in the championship settings page. Some are marked with an asterisk (*) and have further explanation below.

That's all there is to it!

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Last updated: 2012-10-28