Share P2P

Share is a Japanese P2P client which is very obscure and very illegal. Here's a mirror for the current TCP client. MD5 efd19d15b0437dce5bf8ad60fbbfcf10 ファイル倉庫NT56s0tGbv 753,309 e3ebc4e73fb2ce8ed5e3904a82067715be0dd4fd

Some good node lists:

They're all for TCP Share, by the way.

To figure out share, see It is most informative.


Some people have trouble with Share because they can't forward ports. Most routers do however support UPnP (Universal Plug-and-Play). Here is an HTTP mirror for the UPnP plugin for Share.

[Share Plugin] [PDK10] MD5 77b0040eb31a1175d985fdaa19833e0d
[Share Plugin] [PDK10] 608,216 78a9619ce7a543192d6233104c2a15adbbc3e5dc

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Last updated: 2008-12-14