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Country Japan
Location 25 locations (6PS, 4NS)
ZOO ruleset
Kuitan, atozuke ari-ari
Starting points 25,000
Ending points
Negative score Bust
(total ante)
(placement bonus)
Multiple win cases 2
Call precedence 0.1 s
Renchan setting Tenpai-renchan
Abortive draws Most but not four riichi

ZOO is a jansou chain operating 25 locations across Japan, with 553 automatic mahjong tables disseminated across the country in their chain. Most jansou allow smoking in their premises, although there are 6 with partial smoking and 4 with no smoking.


This list has been compiled in September 2015.

Number Prefecture City Phone Tables Smoking
01 Tokyo Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Flagship Store 03-3985-7117 32 No
02 Tokyo Ikebukuro Higashiguchi 03-3983-1808 40 Yes
03 Tokyo Ikebukuro Sunshine 03-3988-3433 28 PS
04 Tokyo Kichijouji 0422-22-1788 13 Yes
05 Tokyo Shibuya Bunkamura-doori 03-3462-4722 28 No
06 Tokyo Shibuya Basuke-doori 03-3496-4660 13 Yes
07 Tokyo Shinjuku 03-3351-8836 19 Yes
08 Tokyo Yasukuni-doori 03-3207-6224 18 Yes
09 Tokyo Machida 042-727-3663 16 PS
10 Tokyo Tachikawa 042-524-2032 10 Yes
11 Tokyo Oomiya Set 048-646-0200 11 Yes
12 Tokyo Oomiya 048-649-2335 16 PS
13 Saitama Tokorozawa 04-2939-0200 30 PS
14 . Kawasaki 044-211-6850 16 Yes
15 . Yokohama Main 045-324-3488 17 Yes
16 . Yokohama Non-Smoking 045-323-1717 18 No
17 . Matsudo 047-366-8855 23 Yes
18 Chiba Kashiwa 047-146-5501 14 Yes
19 . Fukuoka Tenjin 092-716-0339 26 Yes
20 . Ueno 03-3837-2328 36 PS
21 . Shinjuku Nishiguchi 03-3376-3340 21 Yes
22 . Shinjuku Nishiguchi Non-Smoking 03-3376-3330 46 No
23 . Nakano 03-3387-2377 18 Yes
24 . Kamata 03-3734-7757 12 Yes
25 Osaka Osaka Shinsaibashi 06-6243-8855 32 PS
Total 553


Game rules

  • Hanchan games: 25,000 out, 30,000 in.
  • Mercy rule: 60,000 points stops the game (after any hand).
  • Kuitan and atozuke accepted. Furiten riichi, ignoring a ron to go for tsumo accepted.
  • Aborts for kyuushu kyuuhai, suufontsu renda, triple ron, four kans.
  • No abort for four riichi: game continues.
  • Double ron counts, tsumibou go to first in line. (~~)
  • Agariyame, tenpaiyame allowed. Even to stop in 2nd or 3rd.
  • Pon, chii, kan goes to whoever calls it first. If approximately at same time, ponn/kan takes precedence.
  • False pon or chii calls are penalized 1,000 points. False calls cannot be turned into winning calls on the discarded tile. (~~)
  • Dealer can continue dealing if tenpai. Tenpai-shaped hands qualify.
  • Busting ends the game. Gome continues at 0 points. As long as you have 1,000 points, you may riichi.
  • Pao (liability) applies to the tile that confirms yakuman. Daisangen, daisuushii, suukantsu will trigger it.
  • Pao payment is all for tsumo, half for ron.
  • No liability applies to daiminkan. It is treated as tsumo.
  • Nagashi mangan applies at the time of drawing a hand. Calling or having a discard called voids it.
  • Renhou is treated as worth 8 han.
  • 見せ牌、腰牌はありません。ただし、故意でない場合に限ります。

Dead Hand


  • 誤ロン・誤ツモで、手牌を倒さなかった場合。( 1000点罰符 )
  • 牌を倒すフリ等の脅かし行為。
  • さらし間違えをして打牌をしてしまった場合。打牌前の場合はさらし直すことが出来ます。
  • ウラドラを先に見たり、他人の手牌の覗き見をした場合。
  • 多牌、少牌。喰い替え。
  • 局の途中、手牌に関する発言をした場合。
  • 発声、打牌ともに完了しているリーチの取り消し。ただし、下家の打牌終了前に限ります。


The following acts are penalized as mangan chombo payments:

  • False ron, false tsumo, dropping the hand.
  • Noten riichi, at a drawn hand.
  • Calling a kan post-riichi that changes the shape (okurikan) or wait of the hand, upon winning or drawing hand.
  • Mid-hand, if it becomes impossible to continue or the wall falls apart.
  • Dead hand holders making a call.
  • Calling kyuushu kyuuhai by mistake. Otherwise, before calling kyuushu kyuuhai...
  • You absolutely must verify your hand before calling kyuushu kyuuhai.


  • Staff can judge if a player is drunk (reeks of booze, red-faced) and refuse to let you play.
  • The wall must be moved from the elevator line, and the rinshan tile dropped down.
  • Autodealers that build walls may require the dealer to pay attention to draw on the first turn.
  • The dealer is asked to discard as soon as the other players have their tiles in hand.
  • Sorting the tiles and going out should be the only reason for using two hands. You must not draw with a left hand and discard with a right hand.
  • Please discard in lines of six tiles.
  • Players who are poor at score calculations must ask for help in advance to other players on the table. Those who know how to calculate the score should tell the hand score for the player who cannot calculate scores.
  • After riichi, tiles touching beyond the elevator line cannot be taken back.
  • When calling riichi, you must vocalize the call prior to or while discarding.
  • Whistling, tongue-flapping, self-babble and shamisen (playing the fiddle) are forbidden.
  • 上家が捨てる前に山に手が伸びている、ツモ牌を触ってからのポン・チー・カン・ロンなどの先ヅモは禁止です。また引きヅモ( ツモの時、卓の縁にカツーンと当てる )、強打( 牌を切る時に強く切ること )もご遠慮下さい。
  • When you win your hand please arrange it in an orderly manner.
  • When turning over uradora, the winning player must let everyone see clearly.
  • When someone else wins, in no circumstance is a player to criticize or boast, so don't do it.
  • When paying with point sticks, do not throw them out.
  • 必ず相手の手元に取りやすいように置いてください。
  • It is forbidden to hide your hand's tiles face down, except if staff asks you to or you have a naked wait (one tile left in hand).
  • It is forbidden to place elbows on the table, to raise your knees onto chairs or to sit cross-legged.
  • Spectating on a table is forbidden.
  • When the store is closing, please respect the call for the last game.
  • 極力ゲームが始まる前、遅くても南入する前までにお願いします。
  • If you're uncertain about playing more games or quitting, please call for the last game.
  • Please do not delay the game for waiting customers.
  • 卓内でのトラブル、揉め事に関してはスタッフの裁定に従って下さい。
  • Store staff will not specially intervene in mahjong regulations.
  • If a substitute deals in, they are not responsible for your loss.

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