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The World Riichi Mahjong League is the competitive online mahjong league facilitated through Tenhou mahjong client. A standard season of league will encompass 16 hanchan played over 4 weeks. Every week, members will meet at a pre scheduled time and play against other selected league members. The overall winner of a season of the league is presented with a title, as well as a generous cash prize.


Season Dates Top 4
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Season 1 December (6, 13, 20, 27), 2014 Yazphier Kagakusha Dasuke Muller
Season 2 January (9, 16, 23, 30), 2015 xkime Yazphier Kyuu Muller
Season 3 March (8, 15, 22, and 29), 2015 Osamu Puyo Cliff Benawii
Season 4 April (19, 26) and May (3, 10, 17), 2015 xkime Amauri 鳶一.折紙 Nakadashi
Season 5

League rules

The game rules are enforced by within its championship lobby system. The rules are modified as follows:

Attendance penalties

Players missing game sessions are awarded point penalties. Absentees forces the league to seek substitute players, in order to play the games out.

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