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Tournament hosts must specify the documented game rules.  The World Riichi Championship Rules are recommended. 

Player roster

Player counts at tournaments must be in multiples of four.  Host organizations may provide players to accommodate adding or removing local players on a volunteer basis.  Any player, whose travel exceeds 20 miles, are except from this player count adjustment process.


A club can apply to sanction an event by sending an email to containing the following information:

The name and contact information (including phone number and email) of the tournament organizer. Statement that they wish to sanction an open qualifier. The date(s) and time(s), and location of the event. The full event schedule. The maximum number of players, if any. The minimum and maximum number of local players expected to attend. The entry fee, if any. (Additional accepted currencies should also be specified.) The information that is or will be posted publicly about the event. Whether or not there will be any variations from the standard World Riichi Championship Rules. The tournament format to be used. The names and contact information of the referees and other tournament staff. Any requested exceptions from NARMA's Tournament Operation Handbook A statement saying that the organizer agrees to conduct the event according to the rules laid out by NARMA in the handbook. Sanctioning for International Tournaments International Tournament qualifiers, unless otherwise stated, must be sanctioned as Open events and follow all rules for Open events outlined in the NARMA Tournament Operations Handbook. The event must be open to the public and, unless extenuating circumstances apply, announced publicly at least 60 days before the event.

Awarding Seats

When a tournament is sanctioned as a qualifier for international tournaments, NARMA will allot the tournament a number of seats to award as prize, to be awarded to the top players of the event. Only players who meet the international tournament's eligibility criteria for North American players and who are approved for participation by said tournament will be eligible to win the seats.

NARMA will coordinate with the governing organization to contact the winners and secure their registrations. If for any reason the winner(s) are ineligible or are unable or unwilling to take their seat, the seats will pass down in accordance with prevailing regulations.