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High quality bait.jpg
Full name incertia
Country USA
Club Northwestern University Riichi Mahjong
United States Professional Mahjong League
ID incertia

incertia is a very fat person.

Contact Information


incertia is a fat almost-NEET that also sucks at Mahjong. God knows how he got a job. He maintains a website at where he write about math and random bullshit, as he was raised as a contest mathematician and has a vested interest in pure mathematics. Aliases

Name Rank Points Rating 対戦数 平均得点 平均順位 和了率 放銃率 副露率 立直率 Updated
incertia 四段 1325/1600 R1867 594 -0.81 2.50 .219 .154 .296 .200 2019/05/26


incertia likes to yolo a lot because losing makes him feel even more tilted after already being in a state of tilt. It's like alcohol. The more you have the worse you feel and you need more to feel better.

Yakuman Count

Honestly this will get updated once he starts recording his yakuman.

Other Games

incertia plays other games other than Mahjong. Namely things that tilt him immensely like EVE Online, CS:GO, SC2, R6, and PUBG.