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Full name Amber
Country Canada
ID Erzzy

Erzzy is a Riichi player from Nova Scotia, Canada. She started playing with other humans in February 2018, but didn't start playing online until March 2019. She's most well-known for creating a neat Mahjong Efficiency Trainer, and for having a very aggressive calling style. Her current goal is to reach Tokujou to impress her crush.

Her favorite yaku is Ryanpeikou, and her least favorite is Chiitoitsu. A strange combination, made stranger by her favorite yakuman being Daichisei.

In, she uses the "female voice", because it is pleasing to hear during the game. Nevertheless, Erzzy is definitely a female player.

Stats by Lobby

Last update: April 19th, 2019

Lobby Style Games 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Rank Avg Best Worst
一般 Hanchan 8 2 0 5 1 2.65 +63 -38
一般 Tonpu 45 12 18 10 5 2.18 +83 -45
上級 Hanchan 87 22 15 31 19 2.54 +73 -65

Raw Stats By Rank

Four-Player Yakuman

# Date Yakuman Room Seat Game # Notes Source
1 04-19-2019 Daisangen 上級 West 128 Three quick dragon pairs, three quick pons, and a riichi that dealt in. [1]
2 05-11-2019 Kokushi Musou 上級 South 165 Nine types, ten tiles. A kokushi tsumo! It also resulted in kamicha going to exactly 0 points. [2]

Notable Replays

First time playing in 7447, causing much grief.

Includes Rinshan kaihou, and later, Double riichi.

The fastest second place Erzzy's achieved. Suuankou iishanten, too.

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