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Kyuu is a Turd, pass the word.

Some Mahjong "achievements"

These achievements are sponsored by Sillim Jansou in Seoul, Republic of Korea. So far I have unlocked: #61

  1. Yakuman: Win any yakuman. (Also awarded to the person who dealt in)
  2. Daily Score Ranking Top: Place 1st with total sum of final points in one day (If tied, awarded to both, free drink, does not overlap with Daily Uma Ranking Top)
  3. This Game is Sponsored By...: Anyone who sponsors one of these achievement requirements who wins their own achievement.
  4. Decalcomanie: Win a hand with a tsumo where the tsumo tile is both the dora and ura-dora
  5. 9 pin houtei: Win with Houtei on 9 pin (chuupin raoyui)
  6. It's over 99!: Win a hand that has a sum of 99 or greater when adding all numbered tiles.
  7. Monthly Best: Maintain the following stats of 60 games or more for one month: Average Uma 8.0+, 34% or higher 1st place, 61% or higher 1st/2nd place, and 16% or lower 4th place rate
  8. Daily Uma Ranking Top: Place 1st with total sum of uma in one day (If tied, awarded to both, free drink)
  9. General of the East: End the game in East 1 with no yakuman and busting someone out.
  10. Takei Hisa: Win a hand with a tanki wait and the pair becomes ura-dora
  11. Juushuu Juuhai: Abortive draw with 10 unique terminals and honors and no pairs of any of them.
  12. Oya is a jerk: Win two consecutive haneman as oya (dealer)
  13. A Chanta is cool too: Win a hand with Riichi, sanshoku doujun, and chanta/jun chan
  14. Zero: End a game with exactly 25000 points (No tobi allowed)
  15. Quadruple Matching Discards: Discard the exact same tiles for the first 4 turns as kamicha and win a hand.
  16. Kachoufuugetsu: Win a Kachoufuugetsu
  17. Mission Yaku: Complete the 'Mission Yaku' assigned with the dice roll
  18. Ryanzou chankan: Chankan on the 2 of bamboo (counts as double achievement if it was on a kanchan wait)
  19. Sanbaiman: Win a sanbaiman hand
  20. Halla Orange: Call pon on a pair and win with the fourth copy of a tile.
  21. San kantsu: Win a san kantsu hand
  22. Fuukasetsugetsu: Win a Fuukasetsugetsu
  23. Yasume: Win with a yasume that loses 4 han or more yaku compared to takame (Suuankou and Daisangen shabo wait doesn't count)
  24. Black Hole: Pon from all three players and win with tsumo.
  25. Three three: Win with two or more 3 han yaku.
  26. Iipin Mouyue: Win with Iipin mouyue (1 pin haitei)
  27. Thank God Ryuukyoku!: End a game with an exhaustive draw where 3 players declare riichi within the first 2 rows of discards. All participants are awarded with the achievement.
  28. Nan'go-san: Win a hand with three melds/pair that contain the number 5 and a south.
  29. Third time's the charm!: Call on the same tile twice and win with the same tile
  30. Sanchahou: Abortive draw by dealing into three players at the same time
  31. That gave me cancer: Make a kokushi musou discard. If it completes Nagashi Mangan, double achievement.
  32. Uupin kaihou: Win with Uupin kaihou (5 pin rinshan kaihou)
  33. toitoitoitoitoi: Win with toitoi and 5 or more doras
  34. Baiman to the MAX!: Win an oyabaiman hand with 10 han (you get a free 1-day ticket!)
  35. Sanshoku Chiitoi: Win a chiitoi hand with the same numerical pair in three different suits (stacks if there are two sets of numerical pairs in three different suits)
  36. First Come First Served: (**This one I can't translate**)
  37. I NEED DORA: Win with riichi ippatsu pinfu menzen tsumo
  38. Hello (darkness) my old friend: Bust out with one or more other players (anyone tobi'd wins this achievement)
  39. Trapped!: Win with menzen tsumo against three players who declare riichi
  40. My love chiitoi: Win a baiman hand with riichi ippatsu chiitoi
  41. Starseeker: Win 4 star points without a yakuman in one hanchan (still not sure how star points work)
  42. NPC: Place 2nd at the end of a match without winning any hands! (does not count if game ended early)
  43. (I can't translate the name for this one): Win a toi toi hand with even numbered tiles only
  44. Master of fu: Win a toi toi only hand with 30fu 2han
  45. Saki: Final sum of uma in a ranking game is close to 0. (Free daily ticket if player has played 30 or more games and maintained a range of -15 ~ +15 / Free weekly ticket if the uma sum is actually 0)
  46. Hon/Chin itsu Sample Platter: Win with a combination of 5 different yakus that must include hon/chin itsu (yakuhai don't stack - if you win red dragon and green dragon that will count as only one yaku)
  47. Sanshoku Doukou: Win a mangan tsumo or haneman ron with Sanshoku Doukou
  48. Takame Pinfu: Win with riichi pinfu ura dora 3 (not dora 3, and no kans allowed)
  49. Little strokes fell great hands: Win a haneman hand with 6 different yakus that are worth 1 han each (not counting dora as a yaku)
  50. Sangen Chiitoitsu: Win a chiitoi hand with pairs of all three dragon tiles
  51. Survivor: Reach ryuukyoku with a tanki wait on a tile that could've completed two other hands in the same round. (it must be a valid win for the other hands in question - i.e. no furiten)
  52. Black Market: Win any of the following yakus with kata-agari (a one-sided wait): Toitoi, san ankou, sanshoku doukou, menzen junchan
  53. No man's land: Win a rinshan kaihou with the fourth dead-wall draw (Win a free 1-day ticket!)
  54. Such a good wait!: Win with a 6 ~ 8 sided wait (if no hon/chin itsu, counts as double achievement)
  55. Chuubudo: Win with a hand that consists only of the following tiles: 1234589p245689s or white dragon
  56. WHY ME: Lose a game with -100 ~ -2000 points
  57. Oh no?: Win a ryan peikou that doesn't have a chiitoi shape or a shousangen with 30fu 4 han.
  58. Phoenix: Win with 45000 points or more
  59. Takame: Win a hand with riichi and 3 or more sided waits where the winning tile is the one and only one that grants you a higher yaku.
  60. Weird waits: Win a hand with a 5-sided wait on two different suits.
  61. Romeo and Juliet: Deal into another hand after declaring riichi and discarding 2 doras (including aka dora)
  62. Hat trick: Win a mangan hand 3 times in a row by yourself (i.e. no double rons!)
  63. Windy City #1: Win a hand with riichi waiting on a shabo wait on 2 otakaze
  64. Raider: End the game at oorasu by winning a baiman or above hand as 1st place.
  65. Et tu Brute: Hit the achievement sponsor with the achievement they posted (if the condition for the achievement is a tsumo, the hand must bust the sponsor)
  66. Shiisan puuta: Call an abortive draw with a kyuushuu kyuuhai that meets the condition of shiisan puuta
  67. Hamlet: Deal into a double riichi ippatsu. The dealer of that round also wins this achievement. The achivement stacks, so if you're dealer and dealt into double riichi ippatsu, this counts as double.
  68. 100 fu: Win a hand with 100 fu or higher (Win a free 1-day ticket!)
  69. Windy City #2: Win a hand with riichi waiting on a shabo wait on your seat wind and round wind
  70. Revenant: Reach 1000 points or below and then end the game at 1st place.
  71. Revolution of 1000 points: Win a haneman hand with riichi and 6 doras
  72. 'No Multiplier': Win with the 'luck' yaku only - haitei, houtei, rinshan kaihou, chankan (if the hand value is haneman or above, counts as double achievement)
  73. Menzen Uumen: Win a mangan or above hand with Uumensai
  74. Why did you?: Win a hon itsu with an honor tanki wait and four melds in one suit.
  75. Men in Black: Win Kokuiisou - a toitoi that consists of only 248p and wind tiles.
  76. I'm always 2nd: End three games in a row in 2nd place with no tobi.
  77. The Cries of Three: Discard a tile that elicits a call from all three players of chii, pon (kan), and ron (free 1 day coupon)
  78. Close Call: Have four of your discards ponned by others.
  79. No Retreat!: Win a toitoi on a hadaka tanki wait.
  80. Dead Corpse: End a game with exactly 0 points. (no tobis allowed)
  81. Bamboo Spears: Gyakuten from 4th place to 1st place with a hand of haneman or above in oorasu.
  82. The Two of Us: End a game with a tie for 1st place. (Both players win this achievement)
  83. Whichever Way Works: Win a yakuman hand that also counts as kazoe yakuman.
  84. Leftover: Be the only person without an achievement in a game where 3 people win an achievement.
  85. Alpha and Omega: Win a double riichi with haitei or ippatsu tsumo. (Win a free 1-day coupon!)
  86. I Have Nothing: If a round ends with no discards in your pile. (Win a free 1-day coupon!)
  87. Nine Lives: Get 1st place in 9 games in one day (Win a free 1-day coupon!)
  88. Pigeon: Roll 9 three times in a row when deciding who is dealer.
  89. Thin Ice: End a game as 1st place with a point gap of less than 3000 points from 4th.
  90. (Dunno how to translate the name for this one): Win a riichi ippatsu with haitei or houtei
  91. Tojima: Win a hand with a ryanmen wait where one side is kanned off. (If that kan was from you, you win a free 1-day coupon)
  92. Patience: Win a haneman or above hand with tan yao and chii toi (no red doras allowed)
  93. The Indomitable: After declaring riichi, win a mangan or above hand with no riichi discard (i.e. no sideways tile allowed in your discard pile)
  94. Milky Way: (**This one I can't translate**)
  95. A Paper-thin Difference: End a game in 2nd place with a point gap of 100 points with 1st place (no tobis allowed)
  96. San Ankou Tanki Wait: Win a San Ankou with a tanki wait after claiming one open meld.
  97. The Curse of Three: End a game in 3rd place with 28000 points or above.
  98. Counterattack: Ron off a dealer after declaring riichi for an ippatsu mangan ron.
  99. Home Run: Win mangan, haneman, and baiman hands in one hanchan.
  100. The Curse of Daybreak: Get four 4th places during night matches (from midnight to 12 pm)
  101. Sanrenkou: Win a hand with three consecutive triplets valued at or above haneman. Sanrenkou itself is not counted as yaku.
  102. A Chained Soul: Play 18 matches in one day.
  103. Nothing Happened that Day: End a game in 3rd place with an uma of 0 points (34600 ~ 35500 points).
  104. Suushi Chiitoitsu: Win a chiitoi hand that contains all wind tiles.
  105. Cycling Hit: Win mangan, haneman, baiman, and sanbaiman (or yakuman) hands in one hanchan (Win a free 1-day coupon!)
  106. All the Sponsorship: Unlock four achievements in one hanchan.
  107. Full Circle: Win your hand or deal into someone else's hand with the same discard as your first discard.
  108. Han Seok Bong: Win a hand with only honor tile discards.
  109. Double Riichi Baiman: Win a baiman hand that includes double riichi.
  110. Let me Check your ID: Win a hand where the numbered tiles add up to a sum below 19 (haku counts as zero).
  111. No-kan Itsuu: Win an itsuu with four of one tile from the itsuu shape in your hand.
  112. Mexican Standoff: Call an oikake riichi against two other players in riichi and win with an ippatsu tsumo.
  113. (Dunno how to translate this name): Win a hand with all tiles in one of the following ranges: 1~3, 4~6, 7~9
  114. Choo Choo Train: Win a chii toi or ryanpeikou with all seven relevant tiles in sequential order. They do not have to be in the same suit.
  115. The Lone Survivor: Win a game with all other players in tobi.
  116. Flush pinfu: Win a pinfu with either hon itsu or chin itsu.
  117. Chiitoi Kebab: Win a chiitoi hand with 3 akadora.
  118. Well It Counts as Yakuman!: Win two baiman hands in a row.
  119. One Shot, One Kill: Win only 1 hand and end the game in 1st place (Yakuman doesn't count).
  120. Resurrection: Win a haneman or above hand with less than 1000 points in possession.
  121. Louisiana Purchase: Get chankan'd with the dora.
  122. The Strongest: Reach +300 total uma points in one day.
  123. HonHonChiitoi: Win a Hon itsu, Hon Routou, Chii toi hand.
  124. No, Get Out of Here!: Call Kyuushuu Kyuuhai after someone declares double riichi.
  125. The Right Way to Play: Win two mangans in a row with hands that contain riichi, tanyao, pinfu, and menzen tsumo.
  126. Menzen Shousangen: Win a shousangen with a fully concealed hand.
  127. Peace Sign: Discard four or more dora tiles after riichi.
  128. Dorabaku: Win with 8 or more doras (including aka dora). 10 or more dora counts as double achievement.
  129. Chupa Chups: End a game with either 300 points left or 25300 points (you win a free chupa chups candy)
  130. I'm so Unlucky: Win a hand with Riichi and no dora with 3 or more dora indicators.