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Toutenkou 「東天紅」 is a special 3-player mahjong variation mainly popular in Kanto region. Currently available in Tenhou computer matches (beta test).

Disclaimer: This page only introduces rules used in Tenhou. Details are not consistent, and variation exists in other platforms.

Rule Introduction

Only uses Tile-1m.pngTile-5m.pngTile-9m.png of manzu tiles, while all of pinzu, souzu and honor tiles are used (including red fives Tile-0m.pngTile-0p.pngTile-0s.png). 112 tiles in total.

Tile-1m.pngTile-5m.pngTile-9m.pngTile-4z.png are gari 「ガリ」 (similar to nukidora). 20 rinshan tiles in total.

A valid winning hand must include at least one of any regular yakus (identical to regular riichi mahjong yakus). A hand cannot win with only special yakus.

Instead of calculating with fu and han, the score is only counted with points.

Ron takes points from only one opponent (with 8 more extra points than tsumo).

Tsumo takes points from two opponents.

Special Yakus

Notes: Both of the followings are bonuses. A hand cannot be claimed with only those following yakus.

(1 pt) Oya 「親」: Add one point when winning as dealer.

(1 pt) Menzen 「門前」: Add one point when the winning hand is concealed.

(1 pt) Honba 「本場」: Add one point for each honba.

(1 pt) Gari 「ガリ」: Add one point for each nukidora (Tile-1m.pngTile-5m.pngTile-9m.pngTile-4z.png). For Tile-0m.png it is also a red dora, so it actually worths 2 points.

(2 pts) Base point / Banban 「バンバン」: Add two points for each winning hand for no reason.

(2 pts) Minkan 「明槓」: Add two points for each opened kan.

(4 pts) Ankan 「暗槓」: Add four points for each concealed kan.

(4 pts) Set 「セット」 [note 1] : Add four points for each collected set of gari (four identical tiles of gari). Can be stacked with gari.

(8 pts) Ron 「ロン」: Add eight points when winning by other's dealing-in.

(10 / 20 pts) Crow / Karasu 「カラス」: Winning a hand without drawing any gari tiles. Add ten points when winning hand is opened, while twenty points when concealed.

(20 pts) All Gari 「全ガリ」: Add twenty points when collecting all gari tiles. Can be stacked with gari.


  • Dora for manzu part is a bit weird. When indicator is Tile-1m.png, dora is Tile-9m.png; when indicator is Tile-9m.png, dora is Tile-1m.png; however when indicator is Tile-5m.png, none of the tiles is dora.
  • Gari tiles can be used in hand, and also can be discarded, but can only get Gari's point when it is claimed as a nukidora.
  • Set is still acquirable with some gari tiles used in hand. They're not required to be all claimed as nukidora.
  • Riichi values 1 point. Riichi bet is also 1 point.
  • A single round ends when there's no tile left before dora indicators.
  • Noten penalty of ryuukyoku is 20 points.
  • Gari can be claimed even in last turn.
  • Rinshan Kaihou is available with rinshan tiles drawn from Gari.
  • Crow / Karasu requires no any gari tiles both existing in hand, in discards and used as nukidoras.
  • Yakuman yakus cannot stack with other regular non-yakuman yakus as usual, though they can still stack with toutenkou-specified special yakus. Each yakuman yaku values 20 points.



  1. Set is also called Storm / Arashi 「アラシ」 in some platform.

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