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| player      =
| playerrank  = default
| date        =
| windround   = 
| roundnumber = 
| honba       = 
| haipai  = 
| draw    = 
| hand    = 
| off     = <!--"tsumo". For a ron, put "Kamicha", "Toimen", or "Shimocha"-->
| agari   = 
| url     = 
| comment = 
player Player name.
playerrank Tenhou rank. Default for 「新人」. #k or #d for kyuu or dan ranks.
date Date of the replay. Can be found on the url itself.
windround Wind round. Valid values: E, S, W; East, South, West; east, south, west.
roundnumber Wind round number. 1, 2, 3, or 4.
honba Honba count.
For windround, roundnumber, and honba, the default is East Round 1 Honba 0.
haipai Start hand
draw Initial tile draw. If the player had made a tile call as the first draw, then indicate using using "tiles" 4x (chii), 5x (pon), or 6x (kan).
hand Finished hand. For open hands, use the 8z "blank tile" as a spacer between closed tiles and called tiles.
off For a tsumo, do not include or note "Tsumo". For a ron, put "Kamicha", "Toimen", or "Shimocha", as appropriate.
agari Winning tile
url Source link
comment Short description of the hand and conditions during hand development.