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Infobox yaku
Type [[{{{type}}}]]
Kanji {{{kanji}}}
English {{{english}}}
Value {{{value}}}
Speed {{{yakuSpeed}}}
Difficulty {{{difficulty}}}
Example(s) {{{gameExample}}}
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{{Infobox yaku
|type        = 
|kanji       =
|english     =
|value       = 
|yakuSpeed   = 
|difficulty  = 
|gameExample = 


  • type = Yaku or Yakuman
  • kanji = Kanji text of the yaku name
  • english = English equivalent to the yaku name
  • value = Han value(s) (closed and open)
  • yakuSpeed = Anywhere between Very fast to Extremely slow
  • difficulty = Anywhere between Very easy to Extremely hard
  • gameExample = Tenhou game link(s) surrounded by single brackets