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Digital - Rulebook Mahjong
Digital players makes rules, or "promises" in every situation and make the same decisions by those rules.
Analog - Fortune telling Mahjong
Uses personal materials and current situations to base judgements
"I have a good flow so I won't get hit from a dealer riichi", or "I got a good luck on today's fortune telling", or "I don't have the good flow so i'll call and make a cheap hand to grab the flow." The materials can be decided by the users.
Occult - Result Mahjong
Bases of decisions are made from the results of "lottery", "decisions", and "outcome." Lottery are stuff like tsumo, and haipai where its dependent on luck. Decisions is what happens "after" the decisions. Like what happens after the discard, call, or riichi. Outcome is the end result of a hand or game. Whether it was a dealin, tsumo, or ryuukyoku. For example " I dealt into a mangan so now my tsumo or haipai is going to be bad" or the opposite " I dealt into a mangan so now i'm going to get a mangan myself"

Written material produced by one of my club members. KyuuSC (talk) 06:27, 1 May 2018 (UTC)

Player types

then the sub types are

  • Attack type - Push, push, and push. they don't have the word defense in their dictionary.
  • Defense type - Hate taking risks, if theres a riichi they will bail, even if they have a mangan. they always have to have a genbutsu or they will die from stress.
  • Balanced type - a balance between attack and defense. Decides by the how much risk and reward.
  • Call type - MINE, ALL MINE! They will call anything that they can. no hesitation to hadaka tanki either. LOVES open tanyao and yakuhai.
  • Menzen type - Heavily user of closed hands. They will rarely open their hands, if not never. Calls are the very, very last option.
  • Yaku type - Decides on a specific yaku at the very beginning and won't stop until they get it. Even going to the extreme of sacraficing better waits for the specific yaku. The rarer the yaku is, the stronger they chase.
  • Luck type - Have a terrible tile efficiency and push or pull decisions, but they still win from they godly luck.
  • Sensory type - has a 6th sensory of their own from mahjong only. They will decide to pull for unknown reasons and weird tile efficiencies. Often believer of flow.
  • Reason type - Uses study, or experience. Makes their own rulebooks based on their own study or experience.
  • Prodigy type - a hybrid of Reason, Seonsory, and Luck type. They were born for the sole purpose of mahjong. They studied mahjong and have another sensory organ just for mahjong.. On top of that they have godly luck.

More. KyuuSC (talk) 07:05, 1 May 2018 (UTC)

You forget to include the Baka type that you are DeltaSierra4 (talk) 06:58, 2 May 2018 (UTC)