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Grid prototype

2015 WAML Season 1 Bronze League Group A Deadline: Saturday 2015.04.04@23:59 UTC
Session and Table Match A Match B Match C Match D Match E Penalties Total
Niko +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 0 +000.0
Muller +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 0 +000.0
zheitny +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 0 +000.0
Gleb +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 0 +000.0
Lemon +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 0 +000.0
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Group C match times

Just a list of potential time ranges for possible match times. KyuuAA (Talk:キュウ) 16:59, 3 February 2015 (UTC)

  • Kyuu
Anytime after midnight UTC for weekdays.
Virtually anytime during the weekend. (Except Feb 14 - going to AMKE)
  • Iapetus
On weekends, 5AM UTC to 1AM UTC
On weekdays, I can play between 1PM UTC and 9PM UTC.
In other words,
Mon-Thu 1PM UTC - 9PM UTC (8 hour window)
Fri 1PM UTC-1AM UTC (12 hour window)
Sat 5AM UTC-1AM UTC (20 hour window)
Sun 5AM UTC-9PM UTC (16 hour window)
  • Coppro
Tuesday and Thursday, Friday 3PM UTC to 10PM UTC (can go earlier if needed)
Some weekends at any time (preferably not 9AM UTC to 4PM UTC)
Not Friday-Sunday UTC Feb 6-8
  • Jiharo
  • cliff

Date field

An optional date parameter was added to the season score grid. For consistency, rely on Tenhou's game date stamp, which can be directly found on the game link themselves. For example:
The date of this link is: 20150211. Only month/day is required. The year is basically implied.

KyuuAA (Talk:キュウ) 13:49, 11 February 2015 (UTC)

Yazphiers rant to senechal

First of all, I want you to read through this before doing any announcements regarding anything.
Second of all, I don't want you to do anything rash based on this without first talking with me

fact (from your post)

Starting date:

"I want to start in April, so interest checks and signups are to be done before March 15"

later turned into

"Reminder: Season 1 will open between the 15th and 21st of March."


The league will operate in three-month seasons, with six sessions done in two week intervals. Sessions consist of playing 4 games towards a player’s tally. (Total of 24 hanchan.)
Between 4 and 5 players in each group


The first session will be the weekend with the first Saturday of April, July, October or January. In other words, if the first day of the month is Sunday, the weekend targeted is the one with the 7th and 8th.

First deadline:

"The first deadline for completed matches is April 4th."


No requirement

later changed to

a requirement (?)

assumptions by me


registration will go on until starting date (15th march)


All groups will be announced when registration ends (as then we have fixed membercount)
Most groups will be 5 players, with a flexibility that if a player drop off, it turns into a group of 4

First Group

Is announced when locally feasible as "Early bird", To be in an early bird means you get to play your games earlier _if_ you want.
(this is already done as registration has got a lock on it)
going to call the groups by #x from now one as 1x being the first set of groups etc..

ie as a timeline

I understood it as

  • Before 15th march
    • No requirements, People can play in their first group if desired
  • 15th march:
    • people has to show up and scheduling has to start
    • people has to start playing in their their 1x group.
    • rest of the groups will be announced (2x-6x) and people can start playing those games _if_ they want
  • 4th April:
    • people who has not finished their groups will undergo some form of punishment
    • worse case scenario will some groups (2x-6x) be required to be remade depending on count of kicked players
  • next deadline:
    • etc..

What we can demand

  • Before 15th march
    • As you announced the starting date to be the 15th, you cannot demand any kind of activity at all before that, except eventually a "checkin"
      • That means, not even reading the "blog" so any newer information provided (as rulechanges) cannot be demanded to been taken part of.
      • As IRC presence was not announced initially, it's a no
      • Scheduling and such cannot not be demanded
  • After the 15th:
    • You can demand people to read the "blog" within a day or 2 after, and start following the demands mentioned
      • Ie you can demand IRC presence (even if i recommend against it)
      • You CAN demand availability of any kind of means
      • Scheduling and starting to play IS demanded
  • 4th April
    • Any player that has not played _ALL_ their games can be penalized, this might not be a good way thou as it might not be their fault
    • Any player that has not played _ANY_ of their games can be kicked
    • Scheduling and starting to play 2x games


What above is stating is that you should not penalize people for not playing before the 15th, or even be around... Early bird.. is early bird, not anything else

Known Issues

  • As we demand that the players schedule their games themselves, there will be a few issues (giving them names for reference in "suggestions")
    • Noshows, A player who does not get in contact with the rest of his group, in any way
    • Nowants, A player that just don't want to be flexible with their timeschedule making scheduling _really_ hard, or just don't want to schedule with the others for whatever reason (too many low/high-ranked in my group etc)
    • Nocants, A player that actually cannot play, for whatever reason, but has proven interest of not being a "Nowant"
  • All of the above are issues that we need to discuss, but, we cannot claim anyone to be in it before the "starting date"

My suggestions

  • Now
    • First of all; reinstate the groups that were removed, some groups might have noshows now, but you cannot actually claim them to be if they didn't know it has started yet, even, they might know you started it, but it doesn't fit with what the *signed up* for
    • Let early birds play games if they want
    • fix irc channels and forum (this does already exists)
    • make a list (local) of methods of contact for each person you do get in contact with, preferable at least 2 methods, like irc, skype, mail (that they read and check) etc.. one method they use when they can, and one that they are willing to check get delayed messages on...
    • Nodemand: find one of the most active players in each group and ask if their group is experiencing problems and make a list of that, and group it into what kind of issue, also try to figure out who is the "responsible" one in each group to announce it as captain (more aobut that later), if they are having issues, assist them (or get someone to do so, more about that later too)
    • Put new registrations into a "reserve" list
  • 12th March: (3 days before "starting date")
    • Announce that it will start the 15th officially, and that you want everyone to check in (suggested check-in due date: 19th)
      • Require contact information on the checkin, preferable any kind of "instant mesageing (like skype, facebook etc)" and a mail they read every day (as a secondary method of contact)
    • Mention that "reserves" will be put into groups at end of check-in
    • Announce that the rest of the groups will be formulated shortly after the checking as finished (preferable same day, but might not be possible)
  • 15th March:
    • Announce it started
    • Remind about the checkin
  • 15th-22nd march ("first week"): (first block is 3 weeks, rest is 2 weeks)
    • This being the crucial time;
    • Contact someone in every group (first day) and ask if they have been trying to get games going, and if they are experiencing problems getting in thouch with eachother, and assist if needed
    • Do whole week for each group that has not shown signs of being healthy
  • "End of checkin"-date:
    • Kick all players that has not checked in, groups that turn into 4 players, can stay that way, but let them know that they are now supposed to play 4 games internally instead
    • Groups that turn less than 4, reform.. naturally, reserves should be put here primarily..
    • If group dynamics has changed drastically, move due date +7 days and announce that (and redo "first week")
  • End of "first week":
    • Noshows, try to get in contact with them yourself, kick them if they don't respond within reasonable time (a day or 2 maybe?)
    • Allocate "captains" that have some more responsibility of games in their groups to be played/scheduled, the captain does not actually have to be part of the group, but preferable
    • Groups that still are having issues with their scheduling need proper assistance
      • Demand them to create a doodle for their group and get it filled (kickable offence)
      • Nowants, either give the captain the right to force date or put up a forced date yourself (probably depends on the group)
      • Nocants, well, this ... kinda depends
    • Announce the rest of the groups 2x-6x and allocate captains to them
  • Continuance:
    • Keep at least once a week contact with the captains to know if their groups are having issues or not
  • End of "second week" (ie 1 week left till 1st deadline)
    • Penalized anyone that has not filled the doodle if they are having issues
  • First deadline:
    • Kick and people, hopefully no groups with <4 players will exist
  • Continuance:
  • force doodle thing when 1 week left


I think that was all, am quite tired now, so going to bed, i might missed something (main reason for the "don't do anything w/o speaking with me first)... good night

Group X (H)

Is Nakadashi (中出役滿娘大好き) also Archon^2? If so, then this group can be H. If not, then it takes the new label X. KyuuAA (Talk:キュウ) 20:29, 16 March 2015 (UTC)