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Minefield mahjong is a specialized mahjong variant found in the anime and manga series, Kaiji. This variant features two players, who take 34 tiles and arrange 13 of them into a tenpai hand. Any remaining tiles are used as player discards, where the players take turns making their discards. In a sense, this can be interpreted as a tile discard reading drill for defense practice.


  • Players gather 34 tiles.
  • Of the 34, 13 tiles are used to form a tenpai hand.
  • Remaining tiles are to be used for discards.
  • Players take turns making those discards.
  • Order of which player makes the first discard may be determined using various methods, such as the dice roll or a coin flip.
  • Naturally, if a discarded tile is a winning tile, then ron may be called.
  • A player may not win with one's own discard; or a player cannot call tsumo.
  • If a winning tile is discarded, then furiten is invoked.
  • An additional rule to the hand formation may require players to produce a mangan or better hand.


If desired, players can default the setting for automatic riichi upon the first discard. In effect, that's a double riichi. This is for the purpose of just adding value.

The mangan rule may be turned off for greater hand variation. For a challenge, players can add the dice roll to determine the hand's minimum han value.

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