Martin Rep

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Martin Rep
Full name Martin Rep
Country Netherlands
Association EMA, NMB
Club Furiten


Martin Rep is a Dutch Riichi Mahjong player, and until July 2014 the editor-in-chief of Mahjong News. He came up with the dream of a World Riichi Championship, presented it to various organizations including Japanese leagues, and helped it become reality in 2014.

Tournament results

European Mahjong Association

Since 2008, Rep has participated in 25 EMA ranked tournaments. He is currently #17 in the EMA riichi rankings with 803 points from 15 contributing tournaments. His best result is a win in Riichi Kaiser Turnier 2013, and he also finished second in Sakura Tai Kai 2013 and Tri Nitro Tournament: Third Detonation! (2014). Rep finished 68th out of 96 in the 2013 European Championship.[1]

World Riichi Championship

In the 2014 World Riichi Mahjong Competition, Rep finished 110th out of 120.


World Riichi Championship



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