Club Riichi de Montréal

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Club Riichi de Montréal
Country Canada
Location Montreal, Quebec
Inception 2013
Members 20
Club Riichi de Montréal ruleset
Kuitan, atozuke ari-ari
Starting points 25,000
Ending points
25,000 (30,000)
Negative score Bust-out
(total ante)
(placement bonus)
Multiple win cases 2
Call precedence 0.5 s
Dora settings All
Renchan setting Nanba-renchan
Abortive draws All
House rules
Nothing unusual

The Club Riichi de Montréal (CRM) is an unincorporated organization established in 2013 promoting riichi Mahjong in Canada, picking up after the disbanding of Mah-jong Montréal, the previous club active since 2004. Its members regularly meet every two weeks at various public cafés in the Montréal, Quebec area. As of 2016, CRM is one of 3 major clubs operating in Canada: due to its combined history with the predecessor club, is often viewed as the senior club. No national Canadian organization exists at this time: Canada-specific issues are often communicated to the other Canadian clubs, and CRM supports the endeavours of the North American Riichi Mahjong Association.

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