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This is the first season to the World Amateur Mahjong League for the year 2015. The season lasts from the beginning of April to the end of June.

Players list

Registration is now closed. For each player, an ID number (10 digits) is to be used for bookkeeping purposes. The first three digits are reserved for the country code (following ISO 3166-1 numeric), while the other seven can be self-chosen, as long as ID numbers are unique to each registrant. As this is the first edition of the current WAML format, all players begin with 0 WAML points with the rank of WAML 1-dan.

ID Handle Seq. Number Country Player Name Avatar Tenhou ID Tenhou rank
032-1651987 Niko 1 ARG Niko yes Niko^ 五段
036-4697635 Muller 2 AUS Muller yes 偽赤木 五段
840-3452559 zheitny 3 USA zheitny yes zheitny 三段
643-2223488 Gleb 4 RUS Gleb Vinogradov yes Altaart 二段
826-5318008 Lemon 5 GBR Lemon yes はない {alt: ワハハぽい} 初段
703-9696969 harph 10 SVK harph yes harph 三段
124-2301728 coppro 11 CAN Sean Hunt yes coppro 三段
336-0009029 Jiharo 12 VAT (/_;) Jiharo yes (/_;) {alt: 雨宮雫} 二段
840-9651168 cliff 13 USA cliff yes ◆cliff◆ 七段
246-4490553 Iapetus 14 FIN Iapetus yes Iapetus 六段
840-1487830 Kyuu 15 USA Kyuu yes KyuuAA 三段
344-1532307 520 16 HKG Weijie “520” Tang yes 520 二段
360-7777777 Pikokola 17 IDN Pikokola yes Pikokola 二段
276-0025252 ron^5 18 DEU ron^5 yes 九蓮宝燈⑨面待ち 二段
124-4037564 Trundle 19 CAN Senechal "Trundle" Duhaut yes 治子37―564 3級
840-6695664 Moejong 20 USA Moejong yes moejong 三段
076-8888888 Bebop 21 BRA Bebop yes bebop55 三段
840-7264923 Dasuke 22 USA Dasuke no Dasuke 四段
826-3991311 K-chan 23 GBR Katie Lau yes K-chan 二段
233-1337000 LordKail 24 EST Al3x yes LordKaiI 二段
840-2718281 Shogia 25 USA Shogia yes Shogia 四段
300-7777777 Cloudy 26 GRE Cloudy yes Cloudy 三段
840-8505032 XSA 27 USA XSA yes XSA 五段
036-4397231 Ridojiri 28 AUS Rido yes Ridojiri 初段
032-4584891 xkime 29 ARG xkime yes xkime 五段
840-8453471 Benawii 30 USA Benawii yes Benawii 四段
826-0145786 C-13 31 GBR Dominic yes Dominic 新人*
300-2222222 kosutasu 33 GRE kosutasu yes 反抗道 初段
840-1134666 Skor 34 USA Skor yes Skor 三段
360-1404599 ratsel 36 IDN ratsel yes sby 二段
840-5774239 Hora 37 USA HoraHoraHora yes ほらほらほら 三段
124-5313634 Hesmyrr 38 CAN Hesmyrr yes Hesmyrr 四段
076-6661666 村井アマウリ 39 BRA Amauri yes 村井アマウリ 六段
752-0000000 Yazphier 45 SWE Yazphier yes 『魚ポコ』 三段
360-0241241 BillyBat 46 IDN 241 yes 241 初段
840-2984992 JoeyV 47 USA JoeyV not yet JoeyV 二段
840-1052701 Nakadashi 49 USA Nakadashi yes? 中出役滿娘大好き 四段
826-8268268 MaxB 50 GBR Max Bowsher yes? MaxB 初段
124-0000001 Tyrfing 53 CAN Tyrfing yes? Tyrfing 二段
276-4294711 shory 55 DEU shory yes shory 初段


Players will start in the lowest division, and will complete assigned matches within two-week intervals. Players may also freely engage in future sessions' matches, as long as they endeavour to complete their required matches in time.

Session dates and times

Sessions will start with the first matches due the first weekend of April/July/October/January containing a Saturday. The specific time limit is the first Saturday (1st to 7th) at 23:59 UTC, which equates to Saturday (1st to 7th) at 18:59 Eastern Standard Time, or 19:59 Eastern Daylight Time. Any group has until then to start playing their games, as long as they finish their group games immediately following the deadline (players can continue for 3 or even 6 hours, but by then they should be done). Future sessions are due for 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 weeks after. (edit: Changed from Sunday 00:00 to provide clarity that we mean Saturday night, not Sunday night.)


Players will record the scores of their matches, as played directly on Tenhou.net or live with Tenhou standard ari-ari rules and will be tallied.

Dan points

Players in WAML will be designated to have earned the rank of 1-dan. At the end of a season, players are then awarded dan points according to their power ranking. 500 points are necessary to earn the rank of 2-dan. 1000 more for 3-dan, doubling for each successive dan level.

Points will be awarded by dampening the power rating with a padding value of 100 per league division, ensuring players earn more dan points in order to cover for the exponential rise in points required to earn a promotion.

Division (example) Power Rating (0-1000) Factor Value Padding Total
Bronze (15th out of 34) 575.8 1.0 575.8 0 575.8
Silver (3rd out of 19) 888.9 0.9 800.0 100 900.0
Gold (12th out of 15) 142.9 0.8 114.3 200 314.3
Platinum (15th out of 34) 575.8 0.7 403.3 300 703.3
Diamond (12th out of 15) 142.9 0.6 085.7 400 485.7

There may be alternate ways of earning dan points due to special events or for covering losses. Such methods are not padded and are at the sole discretion of management.

League divisions

Players will be placed in a single division for Season 1 (Bronze). Should a sufficient number of participants be available for Season 2, the top 10 shall be placed in a new Silver division. Future divisions would include Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, should we reach that level. Higher divisions may benefit from a padded bonus to their dan points awarded.

Division Max Bronze Max Silver Max Gold Max Platinum Max Diamond
Bronze 13+ 18+ 26+ 34+ 42+
Silver --- 10 18 26 34
Gold --- --- 10 18 26
Platinum --- --- --- 10 18
Diamond --- --- --- --- 10
Absolute minimum 13 28 54 88 130

Penalties for absences

Players who do not complete their matches in time and who are not present to finish at the deadline will suffer a penalty to their scores, consisting of:

  • -10% points earned over the season;
  • +10% points lost over the season;
  • -100 dan points.

If a player would finish a season with +20 points, but won +150 and lost -130 in various hanchan, the actual point penalty would be -15 and -13, a subtotal of -28, giving a player a total of -8 points.

Should a 5-player group complete individual matches, but not the whole group, the levy shall be 30% of the amounts above per player per missed match. Any such group missing matches with players present at the deadline on IRC will not be penalized and will be proposed alternate matches with alternate players. Substitutes will earn a token +20P and 20 dan points for covering, minimizing repeat participation as much as possible.

Player requirements

A player must submit by the season deadline the following:

  • An avatar (minimum size to be determined, 150x150 seems to be the accepted format).
  • Their current Tenhou.net name.
  • Their handle or pseudonym, the short handle must not contain more than 16 characters or 12 full-width characters. The short handle refers to what the player is comfortable with being called. Examples of acceptable handles are:
    • Senechal
    • 'Senechal' Duhaut (use single quotes for the usual part, only that will show in rankings)
    • Senechal "Trundle" Duhaut (use double quotes for an actual pseudonym, the name itself can also be fictitious)
    • DeShaun "sixteencharacter" Johnson (very long example, as long as it isn't abusive and the quoted section complies)
  • A place and country identifier. (While fake countries are accepted, it may cause us problems later justifying participation to external stakeholders. Default is Mozambique.)
  • Players will have a 10-digit identifier. The first 3 digits are reserved, the other seven can be what you want. (Default is also Mozambique, 508.)

Reporting results

Players will have to provide the information below to validate their progress. Below is the sample grid for 4 players, the previous link has populated grids for 5.

2015 WAML Season 1 Bronze League Group Y Deadline: Saturday 2015.04.04@23:59 UTC
Session and Table Match A Match B Match C Match D Penalties Total
Player 1 +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 0 +000.0
Player 2 +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 0 +000.0
Player 3 +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 0 +000.0
Player 4 +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 +000.0 0 +000.0
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