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The World Amateur Mahjong League (WAML) is a league hosted by Osamuko under the direction of Senechal.


First iteration

The first iteration of WAML was a participative league where players took part in playing as many games as possible in order to compete in a running tally with other players. Those who played often were readily near the top, as well as players with great averages. Seasons 0 through 3 lasted from November 2012 to June 2013. In 8 months, WAML encouraged the playing of 7244 hanchan in Lobby 7447 alone.

Eventually, there were issues with both participation, the intended goals and the back-end coding that led to the end of WAML as it was then.

Second iteration

Plans were underway to revive WAML as a more league-like structure, resembling leagues run by JPML and NPM Kyoukai. An obvious differences accounts the global nature of the player base. With a planned start for April 2015, players were scheduled to engage in 6 sessions of 4 hanchan each, in groups of 4 or 5 players for each session. Rankings, league divisions and even dan points are to be featured in the new iteration. Unfortunately, the fixed grid system which arranged groups from multiple time zones forced players to work with the difficulty of scheduling. Ultimately, the players' drive to play out their games dwindled.


WAML Competitive Rulings

WAML management may impose penalties, adjustments or suspensions for violations at the sole discretion of management. Such decisions will be made public with the relevant circumstances explained in order to maximize trust from participants. The basic rule applies: should something really nasty happen, the fact that it isn't written in the rules does not preclude us from acting.

Broadcasting plans

While this is still tentative, the goal is to be able to record, replay, and comment league matches for broadcasting on Twitch or uploading later to Youtube.

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