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The following are a list of "achievements" to mahjong.  This list is devised by myself with the help of others across the Internet.


  • Double Baiman
Be one of two double ron winners, with both hands baiman or greater
  • Plus Minuses
  • +90 game
  • +100 game 
  • +125 game
  • +150 game
  • +200 game
  • Just a Hundred
Finish a game with +100 after a single hand
  • Over 9000
Accumulate over 9000 +/- for a lifetime
  • Phoenix Sen-ten
Comeback to win after dropping under 1000 points during a game
  • Deathly Win
Comeback to win after dropping to 0 points exactly during a game
  • Power Nomi
1 han 110 fu hand
  • Double Power
2 han 110 fu hand
  • Smallest Mangan
3 han mangan hand
  • Reverse Saki
When someone else calls a kan that results in you getting +/- 0
  • Yakitori Win
Win a game without winning a hand
  • Deep Hole
Knock a player less than negative 80
  • Zero Finish
Finish a game with exactly 0 points
  • Tie for the Win
Have a tied score for first place, but win based off of the tie-breaker
  • Back to Square One
Finish a game with the same number of starting points as the beginning, after a combination of point losses and gains equal to that of zero
  • Back to Square Two
Finish a game with the same number of starting points as the beginning, after a combination of point losses and gains equal to that of zero involving point exchanges of mangan or greater
  • Absolute Comeback
Enter oorasu with less than 1000 points and win the game


  • Nagashi
Nagashi mangan
  • Empty Pile
Your first 12 discards are taken by the other players
  • Dora Drop
Your first 4 discards are dora
  • Ura Drop
Your first 4 discards are ura-dora
  • Picky Steal
Limit hand development to discards called from one player, and winning the hand from the same player


  • Dora Magnet
Win with possession of all revealed dora in a hand
  • Triple dora
Win with possession of at least a single dora marked by 3 dora indicators (either by kan and/or ura)
  • Quad dora
Win with possession of at least a single dora marked by 4 dora indicators (either by kan and/or ura)
  • Maxed dora
Win with possession of a single red-5 marked by 4 dora indicators (either by kan and/or ura)
  • Dora Ten
Score 10+ dora
  • Kazoe-Nomi
Kazoe-yakuman, scoring 1-han with 12+ dora
  • Unassisted Baiman
Baiman without dora
  • Unassisted Sanbaiman
Sanbaiman without dora
  • Unassisted Yakuman
Kazoe-yakuman without dora


  • Kokushi Pinfu
Take a Kyuushu Kyuuhai dealt hand and transform it into a pinfu
  • Double West Win
Win the game with Double West
  • Deja Vu
Score the same exact hand twice in a game
  • Pairless Seven
Chii Toi without starting with a pair
  • Perfect Seven
Win Chii Toi without having a pair in the discards


  • Riichi Four
Riichi four consecutive hands and win with each
  • Triple Riichi Smash
Escape a triple riichi situation (3-players in riichi) by winning with a baiman+ hand
  • Double Riichi Ron
Call Ron on someone's dicarded Double Riichi tile
  • Ippatsu Hat-trick
Win with ippatsu for three consecutive hands


  • Just Rinshan
Rinshan nomi
  • Kan Kan Tsumo
Rinshan after 2 consecutive kans
  • Kan Kan Kan Tsumo 
Rinshan after 3 consecutive kans (See Saki (1))
  • Three Kans
San Kansu
  • Four Kans
Suu Kansu
  • Saki Yakuman
Yakuman with rinshan
  • Just Chankan
Chankan nomi
  • Chankan Plus
Chankan plus other yaku
  • Chankan Hell
Chankan with a Kachan
  • Kan Block
Deprive another player by possessing all possible waits with kans


  • One Moon
Haitei nomi
  • One River
Houtei nomi
  • Moon Target
Riichi Haitei Ippatsu Tsumo (see The Koromo)
  • Moon Control
Make the necessary tile calls to adjust oneself to attaining haitei, after other player(s) had made at least one tile call. Naturally, win the hand with haitei.

Other yaku combinations

  • Triplet-Quad Combo
Tanyao, Toi Toi, San Ankou, San Kansu
  • End Copies
Junchan, Sanshoku
  • Doubled Ends
Junchan, Sanshoku, Iipeiko
  • Pure Ryan
Chinittsu, Ryanpeiko
  • Pure Ryan Ends
Chinittsu, Ryanpeiko, Junchan
  • Solid Pairs
Chinittsu, Chii Toitsu
  • Four Copies
Ryanpeiko, with both Iipeikos the same number sequences
  • Max Han
Riichi, Ippatsu, San Ankou, San Kansu, Shousangen, Honittsu, Honroutou, Toi Toi, Double Tong/Nan and Dora 32 (Total han: 51)


  • One Dragon
Daisangen, starting with just a pair of one sangenpai
  • Long Thirteen
Kokushi Musou, starting with less than 6 elements
  • Dragonless Greens
Ryuu Iisou, without hatsu
  • Nagashi Kokushi
Begin with a kokushi tenpai, 1-shanten, 2-shanten, or 3-shanten; and then proceed to produce nagashi mangan
  • Endless Nine
Chuuren Poutou, starting without any terminals
  • Furry Chuu
Churren Poutou while furiten
  • Luck yakuman:
Tenhou, Chihou
  • 2X
Double yakuman
  • 3X
Triple yakuman
  • 4X
Quadruple yakuman
  • 5X
Quintuple yakuman
  • The Ultimate Yakuman
Tenhou, Daisusshi, Suu Ankou, Tsu Iisou (All in one hand)
Suu kansu, Daisusshi, Suu Ankou, Tsu Iisou (All in one hand)
  • POW
Score yakuman with the Pao Rule
  • Yakuman Cockblock
Preventing opponent yakuman
  • Yakuman Again
Score yakuman+ with at least two hands during a game
  • Yakuman Transition
Achieve tenpai yakuman, break tenpai, and then morph the hand into another yakuman tenpai
  • Yakuman Fail
Score a yakuman and still lose the game
  • Out of Nothing
Score a yakuman with no part of the hand dealt. 
Examples: Kokushi without starting any of the honor/terminals, Chuuren Poutou without starting a tile of a particular suit, Ryuu Iisou without starting any green tiles, etc.
  • Yakuman Anyways
"Win" a yakuman hand but decline the win, only to score yakuman later anyways
  • Yakuman Overrun
Develop and score a yakuman hand against double riichi


  • Cast into Hell:
Sending a player into the negative
  • Doublecast to Hell
Sending two players into the negative
  • All Hellbound
Sending all three players into the negative


  • Death by Yakuman
Fall into negative points due to a direct (ron) yakuman.
  • Yakuman Challenger
Declare riichi against obvious or exposed yakuman hands.
  • Tenhou or Chihou Decline
Double riichi furiten.
  • Yakuman Decline
Decline the win to a yakuman.
  • Double Double Riichi Furiten
Do double riichi furiten - twice - in your lifetime.
  • Pow, Right in the Kisser
Playing into a Pao Rule.
  • Discarded Kokushi
Calling Kyuushuu Kyuuhai with a 2-shanten Kokushi or better.
  • So Close, yet So Far
Score between 29,500 to 29,900 in Orasu, and fail to win the game, in the West round.
  • Double Renhou
Declare double riichi, only to fall into double ron on riichi discard.
  • Double Baiman
Play into double ron, where both are baiman+.
  • Double Riichi Furiten Death
Call double riichi, into furiten. Then die into another player's yakuman.

Real life

  • Real Life Jong
Play the game in real life
  • Tourny
Tournament participation

  • R2000
  • Joukyuu
  • Tokujou
  • Houou
  • Your highest Kyuu/Dan ranking
  • Play 500 games
  • Play 1,000 games
  • Play 2,000 games
  • Play 5,000 games
  • Play 10,000 games

Saki character based

  • The Kuro
Win a hand containing all the doras.
  • The Saki I
Win by rinshan kaihou after 3 kans in a row
  • The Saki II
Score +/-0 for 3 games in a row
  • The Saki III
Go from 2-shanten to tenpai relying on the dead wall
  • The Saki IV
Score rinshan at least 3 hands in a row
  • The Yuuki
Win with a dealer baiman or more in the first hand, and then go on to lose the match
  • The Nodoka
Win a perfect game.
  • The Hisa
Win a hand after deliberately discarding a 5+ way wait for a hell pair wait.
  • The Koromo
Win a hand on the last tile, after declaring riichi on the last possible opportunity by discarding the tile you just picked up. In other words, Riichi, Haitei, Tsumo.
  • The Toyone
Every time someone declares riichi, you must immediately follow it up with a riichi of your own, and then win off the first tile discarded by the person who declared riichi. Only counts if this happens at least twice in one hanchan.
  • The Sumire
At the start of every hand, pick a player. You may only win the hand by ron off that player. Place first at the end of a complete hanchan by doing this.
  • The Kasumi
Win a hand having not drawn (including in your initial hand) any tiles of two of the suits. First round wins do not count.
  • The Yumi I
Win with a Kokushi and Chankan off a concealed kan.
  • The Yumi II
Break a tenpai hand and rearrange a new tenpai hand to win via Chankan.
  • The Yuu
Win a hanchan, using only tiles which have red on them.
  • The Teru
Win 5 or more consecutive hands, with every hand being worth more than the one before.
  • The Takami
Set up a situation where Takami would be guaranteed to self draw a yakuman in the final round.
  • The Hatsumi
Get one of the wind-based yakuman both times you are in the north seat.
  • The Toki
Win with an ippatsu tsumo after every time you declare riichi. You must not win with a concealed hand without declaring riichi, and you must not play into another hand at any point. You must win the hanchan by doing this.

Other anime-based

  • Rising Sun (Legend of Koizumi)
Kokushi-13 winning with 1-pin
  • Chombo Deny (Tetsuya)
Deliberately deny a player's baiman+ hand via chombo