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== [[Majsoul]] ==
=== Yaku table ===
{{Majsoul/Yaku table}}
=== 3P-Mahjong scoring table ===
{{Majsoul/3P-Mahjong scoring table}}
=== Character List ===
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{{Majsoul/Character images|Ichihime|cos1=summer|cos2=spring}}
'''Ichihime''' (一姫) <small style="color:#999;">(Default)</small>
* Height: 154cm
* Birth Date: ''January 11th''
* Age: Unknown
* Blood Type: A
* Vocal: [[wikipedia:Maaya_Uchida|Maaya Uchida]] (内田真礼)
* Interest: Food, Sleep
{{Majsoul/Character images|Miki Nikaidou|cos1=halloween|cos2=spring}}
'''Miki Nikaidou''' (二階堂美樹) <small style="color:#999;">(Free)</small>
* Height: 168cm
* Birth Date: ''February 14th''
* Age: 24
* Blood Type: A
* Vocal: [[wikipedia:Chiwa_Saitō|Chiwa Saitou]] (斎藤千和)
* Interest: Gems, Hedgehog pets
{{Majsoul/Character images|Yui Yagi|cos1=christmas}}
'''Yui Yagi''' (八木唯)
* Height: 162cm
* Birth Date: ''September 7th''
* Age: 19
* Blood Type: AB
* Vocal: [[wikipedia:Ami_Koshimizu|Ami Koshimizu]] (小清水亜美)
* Interest: Snacks, Coffee, Swimming
{{Majsoul/Character images|Xenia|cos1=halloween}}
'''Xenia''' (ジニア)
* Height: 158cm
* Birth Date: ''February 2nd''
* Age: 17
* Blood Type: O
* Vocal: [[wikipedia:Mai_Nakahara|Mai Nakahara]] (中原麻衣)
* Interest: Gaming, Camping, Cooking
{{Majsoul/Character images|Kaavi}}
'''Kaavi''' (カーヴィ)
* Height: 165cm
* Birth Date: ''October 12th''
* Age: 24
* Blood Type: A
* Vocal: [[wikipedia:Mai_Nakahara|Mai Nakahara]] (中原麻衣)
* Interest: Gems, Inevitable fate
{{Majsoul/Character images|Ein}}
'''Ein''' (エイン)
* Height: 175cm
* Birth Date: ''April 13th''
* Age: 18
* Blood Type: AB
* Vocal: [[wikipedia:Tetsuya_Kakihara|Tetsuya Kakihara]] (柿原徹也)
* Interest: Game consoles, Hunting, Fruit
== [[Tenhou Meijinsen]] ==
== [[Tenhou Meijinsen]] ==
=== Rules ===
=== Rules ===

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Tenhou Meijinsen


  • 4人打ち東南戦、喰い断アリ、赤牌は3枚(五萬/五筒/五索に各1枚・ドラ扱い)、サドンデスなし
4-player East+South matches, open-tanyao allowed, 3 akadora (5m/5p/5s each), no sudden-death.
  • 30,000点持ちの30,000点返し
Starting point: 30,000; Return points: 30,000.
  • 順位ウマは後述(年によって、変動する。)
Uma of places is described later. (It varies each year.)
  • 点数がマイナスで飛び終了、マイナス点数も集計
Match ends with negative points, and it's also accumulated. (??? so what does no sudden-death means)
  • 切り上げ満貫は採用しない。30符4翻は、子が7700点・親が11600点。
Kiriage mangan is not applied. That being said, 30 fu 4 han worths 7,700 for non-dealer / 11,600 for dealer.
  • 点数は100点単位で集計し、1000点を+1とする。(第二期までは、小数点以下は四捨五入)
Points are calculated by 100 per unit, while the scoring point adds +1 for each 1,000 points. (A rounding is applied before the 2nd term?)
  • 親は聴牌連荘。流局時に親の手牌が聴牌形であれば、自動的に連荘。
  • 形式聴牌あり。5枚目を待つ聴牌あり(打牌選択可能な手牌で4枚使用している牌を除く)。
  • ラス親トップの自動和了り止め、自動聴牌止めあり
  • 終了時の供託はトップ取り
  • 終了時に同点の場合は東1局の風順で順位を決定
  • 連風牌は4符、嶺上ツモも2符加算
  • 2飜縛りなし、常に1飜縛り
2-han shibari is not applied, always 1-han restricted at minimum.
  • 途中流局(九種九牌/四家立直/三家和了/四槓散了/四風連打)あり。すべて連荘。
Abortive draws (Kyuushu kyuuhai / Suucha riichi / Sanchahou / Suukan sanra / Suufuu renda) are applied. Both are treated as renchan.
  • 流し満貫あり。聴牌清算を満貫清算に代替。親の聴牌で連荘。自分の河が鳴かれていない場合に成立。自分が鳴いた場合でも成立。
Nagashi mangan is applied. Scoring of exhaustive draw will be switched to mangan scoring instead of regular tenpai-at-draw scoring. Renchan when dealer is in tenpai. Valid when there's no tile called by others in the own pond, while it's regardless for own calls.
  • ダブロンあり。積み棒/供託は上家取り。和了者に親が含まれれば連荘。
Double-ron is applied. Round debts (honba points and riichi sticks) go to the next closest player. Renchan when dealer is one of the winners.
  • 大三元/大四喜のパオあり。複合役満を含む得点を、ツモ=全額・ロン=折半で支払う。積み棒は包。四槓子のパオはなし。
  • 国士無双の暗槓和了なし。十三面待ちは、和了牌を一種でも切っていれば振聴。
  • 立直宣言は得点が1000点以上でツモ巡がある場合に可能。
  • 立直宣言牌で放銃した場合は供託料は発生しない。
  • 振聴立直あり。立直後の当たり牌見逃しは以降振聴。
  • 立直後の待ちが変わる暗槓不可、送り槓不可、牌姿が変わる暗槓あり。
  • カンドラ/カン裏あり。カンドラは、暗槓は即乗り、明槓/加槓は後めくり(打牌または続く嶺上の直前)
  • 対局途中における、回線落ちは続行。