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Mainly play MajSoul EN (Expert 2) and Tenhou (3D).
Mainly play MajSoul EN (Expert 3) and Tenhou (3D).

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Mainly play MajSoul EN (Expert 3) and Tenhou (3D).

Yakuman List

Date Platform Lobby Yakuman Description Link
Sep. 17, 2019 Tenhou 一般 Tsuuiisou Last at all last, hand is initially a kokushi musou attempt but is changed to tsuuiisou. Toimen deals last haku with 3 tiles to go. [1]
Feb. 9, 2020 Majsoul Tournament (Soul League) Suuankou Dealer suuankou to jump from last to first. [2] [3]
Apr. 28, 2020 Majsoul Friendly Kokushi musou 11 start hand in East 1, toimen deals in to end the game. [4] [5]