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==Tile pattern==
==Tile pattern==
{{#mjt:111444p88s77z}} {{#mjt:33'3z}} Agari: {{#mjt:8s}} or {{#mjt:7z}}

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Type Yaku
Kanji 対々
English All triplets
Value 2 han
Speed Medium
Difficulty Easy

Toitoi (対々) is a standard yaku. In English, it is referred as "all triplets". That's due in part with every meld be composed of triplets.

Tile pattern

Tile-1p.pngTile-1p.pngTile-1p.pngTile-4p.pngTile-4p.pngTile-4p.pngTile-8s.pngTile-8s.pngTile-7z.pngTile-7z.png Tile-3z.pngTile-3z-e.pngTile-3z.png Agari: Tile-8s.png or Tile-7z.png


As the name implies, this yaku requires koutsu. Usually, this yaku is called open due to the ability for pon to claim discarded tiles from any player.

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