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* [[Yakuhai]]
* [[Yakuhai]]
* [[Sanshoku doukou]]
* [[Sanshoku doukou]]
* [[Honrotou]]
* [[Honroutou]]
* [[Shousangen]]
* [[Shousangen]]
* [[Honitsu]]
* [[Honitsu]]

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Type Yaku
Kanji 対々
English All triplets
Value 2 han
Speed Medium
Difficulty Easy

Toitoi (対々) is a standard yaku. In English, it is referred as "all triplets". That's due in part with every meld be composed of triplets.

Tile pattern


As the name implies, this yaku requires koutsu. Usually, this yaku is called open due to the ability for pon to claim discarded tiles from any player.

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