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The following is a translation of the rules used in Tenhou.net.

The rules

  • Players start with 25000 points and must return 30000 points
  • Kuikae nashi (not in use/banned)
  • Red dora ari or nashi option (1 of each of 5-man, 5-pin and 5-sou)
  • Sudden death brings the game into the next wind. As soon as someone attains 30,000 points (riichi deposits are removed from players' scores), the game ends.
  • Sudden death in East Round only goes until South Round ends, in hanchan only goes until West Round ends.
  • Busting out ends the game. Having a negative score ends the game. Negative scores are recorded as such.
  • In all-last hands, if the dealer is winning, the game automatically stops on both dealer wins and dealer tenpai hands.
  • At the end of a game, points are rounded to the closest thousand, "4 down, 5 up".
  • At the end of the game, riichi deposits go to 1st place.
  • At the end of the game, if there is a tie, the tie is broken in favor of the person having the earlier dealership.
  • A pair of a double wind is worth 4 fu.
  • Winning with the rinshan tsumo tile is also worth 2 fu (same as self-pick, not extra).
  • Abortive draws (Nine terminals abortion, four riichi calls, three ron calls, four kans (separate), four same wind discards) allowed. All count as renchan.
  • Nine terminals abortive draw requires 9 or more different terminals, on the first turn before any pon, kan, chii calls or ankan formed.
  • Nagashi mangan allowed. Tenpai payments are replaced by the mangan payment. Dealer tenpai counts as renchan.
  • Nagashi mangan: No one can call from your tile, but you can call other people's tiles.
  • Double rons allowed. Repeats and deposits go to the next closest player.
  • Double rons occuring with the dealer winning are counted as renchan.
  • Pao is enforced on daisangen and daisuushii. Multiple yakuman still count. Tsumo win responsible player pays all, ron win responsible player pays half. Related repeats also paid by the responsible player (example).
  • Keishiki tenpai ari. Your tenpai may include a wait for a "5th tile" (however, this does not include the case when the 4 available tiles for said wait are included in your hand).
  • You need at least 1000 points and a next turn to pick (4 or more tiles in the wall) to declare riichi.
  • If the tile that was used to declare riichi is won off, no deposit is given out.
  • Furiten riichi allowed.
  • After riichi, letting a winning tile pass makes the hand furiten.
  • In shibari rulesets, a passed tile that doesn't clear the shibari restriction while in riichi, furiten is applied.
  • Waits cannot be changed by ankan, while in riichi.
  • Kan dora and kan ura dora allowed.
  • Kan dora are flipped as follows: from ankan immediately, from minkan and from kakan are shown after discarding or picking a new replacement tile.
  • When a call is made, normal turn order is interrupted after a possible ron declaration (in case of kakan) but before a replacement tile draw. (In case of consecutive kan, ron on the second kakan does not award ippatsu.)
  • In the same turn, sniping for ron (aiming for a player who discarded in second) is not allowed. This includes extended kan tiles.
  • Same-round furiten removal is at discarding a tile, claiming a tile in the reverse order does not remove it.
  • The last tile discarded cannot be called.
  • Chasing riichi has no priority.

Added rules

Date: 2007/03/01

  • Ryanhan shibari from 5 honba and four-kan responsibility have been abolished.
「「5本場から二飜縛り」 「四槓子の包」を廃止」

Date: 2007/07/17

  • Two red 5-pin has been replaced with one red 5-pin.

Date: 2007/11/29

  • Kuikae (pick-and-switch) and using a kan post-riichi to shift waits are both forbidden.

Date: 2009/07/04

  • Games are limited to one extra wind. East-wind games stop after South Round, hanchan games stop after West Round. (Previous limit was until the second North Round.)

Date: 2009/08/01

  • Rank bonus has been consolidated to 10-20. (Previously, East-wind games were 5-10.)

Date: 2010/06/01

  • Tenpai-yame (stopping the game with the lead after a tenpai settlement) has been introduced.

Three-player rules

These are the rules Tenhou uses for Sanma.

  • Players start with 35000 points and must return 40000 points
「順位ウマ +20, 0, -20 (東風戦/東南戦共通)」
  • There are eight extra replacement tiles.
  • The character tiles from 2 to 8 are removed.
  • If the dora indicator is the 1 of characters, the dora is the 9 of characters, and vice versa.
  • You cannot call chii.
  • A called North counts as a dora.
  • You cannot call kita immediately after calling pon.
  • You can call ron on a called North.
  • North winds count as guest winds (for fu).
  • If you call ron on a called North, you still get Ippatsu. Ippatsu is disabled after drawing the replacement tile.

Added rules

Date: 2008/02/25

  • Uma has been abolished.

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