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The following is a translation of the rules used in Tenhou.net.

The rules

  • Start with 25000 points; Players must return 30000 points
  • Red dora ari or nashi option (1 5m, 1 5p and 1 5s)
  • Sudden death brings the game into the next wind. As soon as someone attains 30,000 points (riichi deposits are removed from players' scores), the game ends.
  • Sudden Death in East Round only goes until South Round Ends, in Hanchan only goes until West Round ends.
  • Sudden death must end at South 4 for tonpuusen, or by West 4 in hanchan.
  • In all-last hands, if the dealer is winning, the game automatically stops on both dealer wins and dealer tenpai hands.
  • At the end of a game, points are rounded to the closest thousand, "4 down, 5 up".
  • At the end of the game, riichi deposits go to 1st place.
  • At the end of the game, if there is a tie, the tie is broken in favor of the person having the earlier dealership.
  • A pair of a double wind is worth 4 fu.
  • Winning with the rinshan tsumo tile is worth 2 fu.
  • Abortive draws (Nine terminals abortion, four riichi calls, three ron calls, four kans (separate), four same wind discards) allowed. All count as renchan.
  • Nine terminals abortion requires 9 or more different terminals, on the first turn before any pon, kan, chii calls or ankan formed.
  • Nagashi mangan allowed. Tenpai payments are replaced by the mangan payment. Dealer tenpai counts as renchan.
  • Nagashi mangan. No one can call from your tile, but you can call other people's tiles.
  • Double rons allowed. Repeats and deposits go to the next closest player.
  • Double rons occuring with the dealer winning are counted as renchan.
  • Pao is enforced on daisangen and daisuushii. Multiple yakuman still count. Tsumo win responsible player pays all, ron win responsible player pays half. Related repeats also paid through pao.
  • Keishiki tenpai ari. Your tenpai may include a wait for a "5th tile" (however, this does not include the case when the 4 available tiles for said wait are included in your hand).
  • You need at least 1000 points and a next turn to pick (4 or more tiles in the wall) to declare riichi.
  • If the tile that was used to declare riichi is won off, no deposit is given out.
  • Furiten riichi allowed.
  • After riichi, letting a winning tile pass makes the hand furiten.
  • In shibari rulesets, a passed tile that doesn't clear the shibari restriction while in riichi, furiten is applied.
  • Waits cannot be changed by ankan, while in riichi.
  • Kan dora and kan ura dora allowed.
  • Kan dora are flipped as follows: from ankan immediately, from minkan and from kakan are shown after discarding or picking a new replacement tile.
  • You may not selectively ron a player in one turn (includes chankan) - i.e. if you pass a winning tile dropped by one player in one turn, you may not ron from another player who discards the same tile in that turn.
  • In the same turn, sniping for ron (aiming for a player who discarded in second) is not allowed. This includes extended kan tiles.
  • Same-round furiten removal is at discarding a tile, claiming a tile in the reverse order does not remove it.
  • The last tile discarded cannot be called.

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