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Tenhou.net banner
Publisher C-EGG
Developer C-EGG
Platform PC/Browser
Year 2007

Tenhou 「天鳳」 [1] is the one of the most popular online mahjong service in Japan. It is also the platform of choice for the English-speaking community. The site offers the game through either as a free web based platform and/or as a downloadable program via subscription.

Development history

  • 2006/02/20 Hanjyukusou (半熟荘) beta released
  • 2006/08/01 Came out of beta
  • 2006/10/24 10,000 IDs registered
  • 2007/01/20 Changed name to Tenhou
  • 2007/12/25 100,000 IDs registered
  • 2008/02/01 Windows client released
  • 2009/02/20 Houou table opened
  • 2010/08/22 1,000,000 IDs registered
  • 2012/06/09 10,000 concurrent users
  • 2013/07/10 2,500,000 IDs registered

Basic user's guide

Tenhou.net is a Japanese site. So, anyone, who is not familiar with navigating Japanense sites, may have some difficulty.

Game lobby

The game lobby gives players access to game rooms, according to a number of rule sets to play with. Here, players have access to the different game rooms and player statistics.

Game interface

Riichi Chii Pon Kan Ron Tsumo
リーチ チー ポン カン ロン ツモ

During the game, most of the clickable options are near the bottom of the screen. The rest is dedicated towards other players' hands (unrevealed of course) and the discard piles in the center. Also in the center, a square display shows players' point standings, names, and rank. In addition, the current wind round is indicated in the center square as well as the number of honba as well as the number of riichi points on the table.


Tenhou.net replay links shown.

Every replay is accessible via a "replay game link". It is accessible via the drop down menu labled: 「メニュー」 (menu). The first item is labled 「牌譜の管理」. A sub-window, as shown on the right, pops up. The replay links are available here. While they're stored under three tabs, the latter two display the exact game links.

Only a certain number of links are available at the time. Usually, the most recent 30 games played are accessible, as they are stored within a queue. It is possible to save and retain older game links by copy-pasting them elsewhere. This Wiki itself is full of old replay links. Users of the Windows client do not need to worry about losing game links.


Players may use the interface to spectate "live games". However, they're not exactly live games, as they are actually delayed by 3-5 minutes. This is to eliminate any sort of cheating via simultaneous replay viewing, while in game.

In the main 0000 lobby, players may spectate games from either the Houou lobby. As such, any player may be able to watch and see the game play of the highest ranked players, currently in-game.

Game rooms

Main 0000 lobby, with the tabs for the four rooms indicated by a red box.

For Tenhou ranking, the game lobby is divided into four sub-rooms, with specific qualification standards.

  • Ippan 「一般」
General lobby area. Any player ranked below 4-dan and R1800 play here. This includes all new players and unranked players. The mix creates a somewhat chaotic game environment, where skilled and unskilled players alike play each other.
  • Joukyuu 「上級」
Lower "dan" lobby. Players attaining 1-kyuu.
  • Tokujou 「特上」
Upper "dan" lobby. Any player ranked above 4-dan and R1800. The lobby consists mostly of 5-dan and 6-dan players all pushing to get into the highest lobby.
  • Houou 「鳳凰」
Reserved for only the highest ranked players in Tenhou.net of rank 7-dan and R2000.

Custom rooms

Tenhou.net offers users the ability to play in custom rooms. Here, players may play unranked casual games, without any worry about their Tenhou.net ranking.

Tenhou.net house rules

The site specifies a number of specific rules. While many general rules and procedures still apply, a number of rules for the game overall may be deemed as "optional"; and they may not apply elsewhere.

The most important rules to note:

Ranking system



Tenhou's loading screen, advertising two competitions.

One of the site's features involve tournament lobbies. Here, users can manipulate different game rule settings to suit customized tournament rule settings. This ability allows users to host their own tournaments, without restriction from the main site. Naturally, game data from the tournament lobbies are separated from the general L0000 lobby as well as any custom rooms. Throughout the course of the year, various tournaments are advertized via the game's waiting screen.

International team competition

Tenhou client

The Tenhou client is a downloadable application provided by Tenhou.net. Players easily find it on the game site's front page, via a large "download" button.


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