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Replays involving suushiihou are included there. This includes shousuushii and daisuushii.


02-25-2014 Player: KyuuAA Rank: 三段 Round: 東 4 局 0 本場
Haipai Tile-1m.pngTile-4m.pngTile-6m.pngTile-8m.pngTile-3p.pngTile-4p.pngTile-6s.pngTile-8s.pngTile-1z.pngTile-1z.pngTile-2z.pngTile-3z.pngTile-3z.pngTile-4z.png Draw: Tile-3z.png
Agari Tile-2z.pngTile-2z.pngTile-4z.pngTile-4z.pngTile-whitespace.pngTile-5p-e.pngTile-3p.pngTile-4p.pngTile-3z.pngTile-3z.pngTile-3z-e.pngTile-1z.pngTile-1z-e.pngTile-1z.png Ron (Toimen): Tile-2z.png
Source ( With all four winds in the hand while two are paired, it was presumed to be a reasonable hand to attempt the yakuman. After two tile calls, a call for a third was declined to make the yakuman as inconspicuous as possible.


09-17-2014 Player: rozen34 Rank: 初段 Round: 東 3 局 0 本場
Haipai Tile-3m.pngTile-5m.pngTile-6m.pngTile-4p.pngTile-6p.pngTile-6p.pngTile-9p.pngTile-2s.pngTile-1z.pngTile-2z.pngTile-4z.pngTile-4z.pngTile-4z.png Draw: Tile-2z.png
Agari Tile-6p.pngTile-6p.pngTile-1z.pngTile-1z.pngTile-2z.pngTile-2z.pngTile-2z.pngTile-3z.pngTile-3z.pngTile-3z.pngTile-4z.pngTile-4z.pngTile-4z.png Ron (Shimocha): Tile-2z.png
Source ( Closed daisuushii with an intial chase for honitsu.

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