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The following is a list of replays involving sankantsu.

Failed attempts


2015-07-13 Player: zech Rank: 二段 Round: 南 3 局 0 本場
Haipai Tile-0m.pngTile-7m.pngTile-7m.pngTile-4p.pngTile-4p.pngTile-8p.pngTile-8p.pngTile-9p.pngTile-6s.pngTile-9s.pngTile-1z.pngTile-2z.pngTile-7z.png Draw: Tile-7m.png
Agari Tile-7p.pngTile-7p.pngTile-6s.pngTile-6s.pngTile-whitespace.pngTile-4p-e.pngTile-4p.pngTile-4p.pngTile-4p.pngTile-7m.pngTile-7m-e.pngTile-7m.pngTile-7m.pngTile-8p.pngTile-8p.pngTile-8p-k.png Ron (Toimen): Tile-6s.png
Source ( The chance for sankanstu became apparent after the kan of the 8-pin while holding two groups of triplets.
2015-09-04 Player: zech Rank: 二段 Round: 東 1 局 1 本場
Haipai Tile-6m.pngTile-6m.pngTile-6m.pngTile-7m.pngTile-3s.pngTile-2s.pngTile-2s.pngTile-5s.pngTile-8s.pngTile-2z.pngTile-2z.pngTile-6z.png Draw: Tile-2m.png
Agari Tile-3s.pngTile-3s.pngTile-5s.pngTile-5s.pngTile-whitespace.pngTile-2s.pngTile-2s.pngTile-2s-e.pngTile-2s.pngTile-6m-e.pngTile-6m.pngTile-6m.pngTile-6m.pngTile-2z-k.pngTile-2z.pngTile-2z.png Tsumo: Tile-5s.png
Source ( Two triplets and a pair of south wind in the opening hand pointed to a quick hand, possibly toitoi. After ponning and then kanning the south winds, a daiminkan of 6m led to tenpai. The subsequent daiminkan of 2s led to a rinshan kaihou tsumo.

Consecutive kan calls

06-08-2014 Player: kosutasu Rank: 1級 Round: 東 2 局 3 本場
Haipai Tile-1m.pngTile-3p.pngTile-5p.pngTile-9p.pngTile-1s.pngTile-2s.pngTile-0s.pngTile-9s.pngTile-9s.pngTile-4z.pngTile-5z.pngTile-5z.pngTile-5z.png Draw: Tile-1z.png
Agari Tile-3s.pngTile-4s.pngTile-0s.pngTile-4z.pngTile-whitespace.pngTile-9s.pngTile-9s-k.pngTile-9s.pngTile-5z.pngTile-5z-k.pngTile-5z.pngTile-2s-k.pngTile-2s.pngTile-2s.png Ron (Toimen): Tile-4z.png
Source ( Honitsu hand upgraded with sankantsu after one initial call for kan and became tenpai during successive kan calls.

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