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Only a limited number of yakuman may combine to produce higher scoring hands than regular yakuman. This is only assuming the rules allow multiple yakuman in the first place.

Double yakuman


09-24-2014 Player: すずめクレイジー Rank: 天鳳位 Round: 南 1 局 0 本場
Haipai Tile-0m.pngTile-9p.pngTile-5s.pngTile-6s.pngTile-8s.pngTile-1z.pngTile-1z.pngTile-3z.pngTile-4z.pngTile-4z.pngTile-5z.pngTile-6z.pngTile-6z.png Draw: Tile-3z.png
Agari Tile-2z.pngTile-3z.pngTile-3z.pngTile-3z.pngTile-whitespace.pngTile-4z.pngTile-4z.pngTile-4z-e.pngTile-1z.pngTile-1z-e.pngTile-1z.pngTile-6z.pngTile-6z-e.pngTile-6z.png Ron (Toimen): Tile-2z.png
Source ( A haipai with four honor pairs. The west became an ankou before any tile calls, which made it even easier to complete. Toimen discarded Nan as genbutsu against shimocha riichi.


Triple yakuman

Rare combinations

02-08-2013 Player: MrZen Rank: 4級 Round: 東 3 局 0 本場
Haipai Tile-1m.pngTile-1m.pngTile-9m.pngTile-1p.pngTile-3p.pngTile-8p.pngTile-9p.pngTile-9p.pngTile-9p.pngTile-1s.pngTile-9s.pngTile-1z.pngTile-6z.png Draw: Tile-1p.png
Agari Tile-9m.pngTile-whitespace.pngTile-9s-k.pngTile-9s.pngTile-9s.pngTile-1m-e.pngTile-1m.pngTile-1m.pngTile-1m.pngTile-9p.pngTile-9p.pngTile-9p.pngTile-9p-e.pngTile-1p.pngTile-1p.pngTile-1p-k.png Tsumo: Tile-9m.png
Source ( Chinroutou Suukantsu in a 7447 game.

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