List of terminology by alphabetical order

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Naturally, the featured game is Japanese mahjong. Therefore, a multitude number of Japanese terminology are used. The following list includes the Japanese terminology, English equivalent, and the terminology usage.

Japanese English Explanation
ari in effect States that the preceding rule is used, as in akadora ari for playing with red fives. Opposite of nashi.
nashi invalid States that the preceding rule is not in effect, as in kuikae nashi for disallowing players to call a tile and immediately discard another tile which would have also completed the called meld.
shuntsu sequence Three tiles of the same suit in sequence, used as one of the four melds in a regular hand. Chii is used to call a tile to complete a shuntsu and set it aside as a minjun, i.e., an open shuntsu. A concealed shuntsu is an anjun.