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This is a list of Japanese mahjong video games.

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Title Platform Developer Features Year Link Ref
e-Mahjong PS4, PS4 Vita Arc System Works 2014 [1]
Janryumon Android, iPhone NCSoft 2007 [2]
Mahjong Dream Club PS3, XBox 360 D3Publisher 2012 [1]
Mahjong Fight Club PS3, PSP, DS, Wii, arcade Konami Emulated games against featured mahjong pros, particularly from JPML 2002-2010 [3] [2][3]
Mahjong Fight Club SP Android, iPhone Konami [4]
Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle PC Zoo Corporation 2015 [5]
Maru-jan PC SignalTalk 2004 [6]
Majsoul PC 2018 [7]
Maujong Android Ishihata industry, inc. 2014 [8]
Nagomi Mahjong Android, iPhone Zoo Corporation 2009 [9] [4]
Pairon PC Extreme [10]
Saikyo no Mahjong 3D PC Unbalance 2007 [11]
Saki Android Neko Onna Games 2011 [12]
Tengokuhai Android Hangame [13]
Tenhou PC/Browser C-EGG Free play, Ranking system, Custom rooms, Downloadable client 2006 [14]
Touhou Unreal Mahjong PC D.N.A. Softwares Character abilities, Hand reading quiz 2009 [15] [5]
Yakuman DS DS Intelligent Systems
Wi-Fi support (2006), Various game modes, Nintendo characters 2005 [16] [6][7]


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