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The following is a list of organizations in Japan, pertaining to Japanese mahjong. As of October 2018, there are 1528 professionals among the Big Five organizations promoting modern riichi mahjong (not counting 101).

Organization Kanji Inception Member count
101 Kyougi Renmei 「101競技連盟」 1982 (23)
Japan Professional Mahjong League 日本プロ麻雀連盟 1981 610
Mahjong Union 麻将連合 1997 (approx.) 70
Nihon Pro Mahjong Kyoukai 「日本プロ麻雀協会」 2001 (2010) 382
Real Mahjong Unit RMU 2007 57
Saikouisen Nihon Pro Mahjong 最高位戦日本プロ麻雀協会 1976 409

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