Gemma Sakamoto

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Gemma Sakamoto
Full name Gemma Sakamoto
Country United Kingdom
Association JPML, EMA
Club JPML Tokyo, ---
ID ---, 11990006

Gemma Sakamoto (nee Collinge)[1] is an English Riichi Mahjong player, Japanese-Enlish translator and a member of the World Riichi Championship committee. Gemma has played in almost 30 official tournaments and acts as an ambassador between the European and Japanese riichi communities. She was married to Toshi Sakamoto in July 2014.

Tournament results

European Mahjong Association

Since 2008, Gemma has participated in 26 European Mahjong Association ranked tournaments. She is currently #70 in the EMA riichi rankings with 684.96 points from 11 contributing tournaments. Her best results are 1st places in German Riichi Open 2009 and Riichi Tournament Baden Open 2011. Her best contributing result is 8th out of 36 in Tri Nitro Tournament: Third Detonation! in 2014, and she finished 23rd out of 96 in the 2013 European Championship.[2]

World Riichi Championship

In the 2014 World Riichi Mahjong Competition, Gemma finished 114th out of 120.



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