101 Kyougi Renmei

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101 Kyougi Renmei
101 logo.png
Country Japan
Inception 1982
Members 23 (18 regular)

101 Kyougi Renmei 「101競技連盟」, or simply 101 (ichi maru ichi)) is a professional organization of competitive mahjong players. The organization has been in existence since 1982. It currently operates a two-tier league, whereas historically it has previously operated up to a four-tier league. The maximum number of active members ever was 46 in 1995. The current count above has 18 members, along with 4 honorable and 1 special member.

While they can be called a professional organization, due to both their size and ruleset, they cannot be counted among the Big Five or Big Six as a sixth member.

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