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Apparently the FrontPage also became a suggestion box, so in order to clean things up I made this new page instead.
Please lodge all of your complaints here from now on.


For each topic, just add a subheader.

Server timeout

TO ALVIN: After saving changes, the server timed out. Now all previous talks are gone.. Eh.. Do you have a backup? — Dan

Fortunately nothing was lost - I had a complete backup. I should probably automate that though... — Alvin 11/02/2016

Hector's talk date

Is it a good idea to have a talk on the 29th during exam week? Just wondering. Of course I'm available, but at least Dan said he might not come because he has a plane to catch or something. What are other people's plans? — Alvin 23/01/2016

Yeah I'm going on a skiing trip via bus. But I just noticed that the bus isn't taking off until 5pm, so I have plenty of time.
— Dan 23/01/2016

Diversification of gender specificity

I may have enticed someone of the opposite gender to join the talk on Friday, however, it needs to be after the student colloquium (which is probably over at 14). Would this be possible?
— Hector 06/01/2016

I'm going to the student colloquium as well, so let's say something like 14.30. I'll change the time at the front page.
— Dan 06/01/2016

Uploading files?

Hey Alvin, would it be possible to upload files to the site? Then we could attach documents to the talks.
— Dan 27/12/2015

It's a work in progress. I'll do it eventually. For now, I just uploaded all the latest pictures and your documents and stuff. Adrien is responsible for not scanning the most recent photo though.
— Alvin 13/01/2016


Hi Alvin.
I think it might be a good idea to enable MathJax on this page.
Until next time, —Someone ?/12/2015

I don't think it's really necessary for something as basic as this... —Alvin 10/12/2015
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