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Upcoming talks=
=Past talks

Dan Saattrup Nielsen – Epistemic logic

Time: 14:00 ~ 15.00
Date: 20/05/2016
Location: Aud 7, HCØ
Abstract: Epistemic logic is the logic of knowledge and belief, which wiki claims has applications in CS, economics, philosophy and cognitive science: 'Anne believes that she knows that Bill can imagine that..' Fun!

Dan Saattrup Nielsen – Simplicial homotopy theory

Time: 14:15 ~ 16.00
Date: 01/04/2016
Location: Aud. 9, HCØ
Abstract: I'll introduce simplicial homotopy theory, which is a way to do homotopy theory in a purely combinatorial/categorical way, without any topological spaces.

Emil Frølich – K-theory of C*-algebras - II

Time: 13:15 ~ 15.30
Date: 18/03/2016
Location: Aud. 7, HCØ
Abstract: Something something about K-theory, proof of Bott periodicity and brief recap of last time.

Emil Frølich – K-theory of C*-algebras

Time: 15.15 ~ 16.30
Date: 11/03/2016
Location: Aud. 7, HCØ
Abstract: Something something about K-theory.

Martin Speirs – On p-adic numbers and an analogy between characteristic zero and characteristic p

Time: 15.15 ~ 17.00
Date: 26/02/2016
Location: Aud. 7, HCØ
Abstract: I will describe the p-adic numbers in a few different ways. Then I will sketch an analogy between numbers and polynomials, which will also be an analogy between characteristic zero phenomena and characteristic p phenomena (in the spirit of the recently developed "perfectoid mathematics" by Peter Scholze).

dan3.jpg Dan Saattrup Nielsen – Non-standard analysis

Time: 15.15 ~ 17.00
Date: 12/02/2016
Location: Aud. 7, HCØ
Abstract: As a continuation of Hector's talk before the break, I'll talk about non-standard analysis, which is a way to rigorously work with infinitesimals using logical methods.

hector1.jpg Hector B. Hougaard – The Analytical Society

Time: 13.15 ~ 14:30
Date: 29/01/2016
Location: Aud. 6, HCØ
Abstract: The very beginnings of infinitesimal calculus led to a great divide between English mathematics and Continental mathematics during the 18'th century. It was up to a "secret" society of pubescent boys to quash this divide and usher in a new era of mathematical development in analysis. [continued at HectorsLongAbstract]

alvin5.jpg Alvin Šipraga – Linear inference rules in deep inference

Time: 13.50 ~ 15.50
Date: 22/01/2016
Location: HCØ main hallway

sriram1.jpg Sriram Ramasubramaniam – Paradoxes and stuff

Time: 13.45 ~ 15.00
Date: 15/01/2016
Location: A110, HCØ

dan2.jpg Dan Saattrup Nielsen – Infinite game theory

Time: 14.30 ~ 16.00
Date: 08/01/2016
Location: Aud. 7, HCØ
Abstract: An introduction to the determinacy of infinite games.

panos2.jpg Panos Iliadis – Stone-Banach duality

Time: 13.30 ~ 15.30
Date: 11/12/2015
Location: Aud. 7, HCØ

knut2.jpg Knut Bjarte Haus – Smith normal form

Time: 14.15 ~ 16.00
Date: 04/12/2015
Location: Aud. 7, HCØ
Abstract: A proof of the structure theorem for finitely generated modules over a PID, using Smith normal forms of matrices.

cedric2.jpg Cédric Ho Thanh – Semi-simplicial homotopy theory

Time: 13.30 ~ 15.15
Date: 27/11/2015
Location: HCØ
Abstract: I will present what my ongoing master thesis is about.

dan1.jpg Dan Saattrup Nielsen – A new universe

Time: 13.30 ~ 16.15
Date: 20/11/2015
Location: HCØ
Abstract: Gödel's constructible universe and why we don't want to work in it.
Notes: dan1.pdf

someguy1.jpg Cédric Ho Thanh – Quasi-categories

Time: 13.15 ~ 16.30
Date: 09/10/2015
Location: HCØ

knut1.jpg Knut Bjarte Haus – Representation of quivers

Time: 15.30 ~ 17.00
Date: 02/10/2015
Location: A111, HCØ

Alvin Šipraga – Representable functors and the Yoneda lemma

Time: 17.30 ~ 18.30
Date: Thursday 24/09/2015
Location: Aud. 7, HCØ

Adrien Vakili – Categories, functors and natural transformations (continued)

Time: 16.15 ~ 17.15
Date: Thursday 24/09/2015
Location: Aud. 7, HCØ

adrien3.jpg Adrien Vakili – Categories, functors and natural transformations

Time: 14.15 ~ 16.00
Date: Friday 18/09/2015
Location: Aud. 7, HCØ

Elmiro Vetere – Mumford degenerations and the Gross-Siebert program (Master defence)

Time: 13.00 ~ 14.30
Date: Friday 28/08/2015
Location: Aud. 5, HCØ

Alvin Šipraga – The Nash problem (Master defence)

Time: 14.30 ~ 16.00
Date: Friday 28/08/2015
Location: Aud. 5, HCØ

Georgios Dalezios – Local homomorphisms and dualizing complexes (Master defence)

Time: 16.00 ~ 17.30
Date: Friday 28/08/2015
Location: Aud. 5, HCØ

adrien2.jpg Adrien Vakili – Vietoris–Rips complexes of planar point sets

Date: Tuesday 09/06/2015
Time: 15.15 ~ 16.00

elmiro3.jpg Elmiro Vetere – Quasi-coherent sheaves

Date: Friday 05/06/2015
Time: 13.15 ~ 15.00

george3.1.jpg george3.2.jpg Georgios Dalezios – Matlis duality

Date: Friday 29/05/2015
Time: 13.15 ~ 15.15

davide1.jpg Davide Alboresi (Utrecht University) – What and Why symplectic geometry?

Date: Friday 22/05/2015
Time: 13.00 ~ 16.00
Remark: Guest speaker.

Elmiro Vetere – Combinatorial convexity and toric varieties

Date: Friday 15/05/2015
Time: 13.15 ~ 15.30
Abstract: The talk will be about correspondences between convex combinatorial geometry and toric varieties.

alvin2.jpg Alvin Šipraga – Arc spaces and the Nash map

Date: Friday 08/05/2015
Time: 13.15 ~ 15.15
Abstract: We will introduce the notion of arc spaces, and sufficient background material to then construct the Nash map on singular varieties.

mossa1.jpg Mossa Merhi – Finite element method for Poisson PDE

Date: Friday 01/05/2015
Time: 13.15 ~ 14.00

adrien1.jpg Adrien Vakili – Vietoris–Rips complexes and n-connectedness

Date: Friday 27/03/2015
Time: 13.15 ~ 14.00

Peter Dawson – Coxeter complexes

Date: Friday 20/03/2015
Time: 13.15 ~ 15.00

Alvin Šipraga – Schemes

Date: Friday 13/03/2015
Time: 13.15 ~ 15.00

Elmiro Vetere – Algebraic geometry, varieties, and schemes

Date: Friday 06/03/2015
Time: 13.15 ~ ?

Georgios Dalezios – Localisation (continued)

Date: Friday 27/02/2015

Panos (Kyriakos-Panagiotis) Iliadis – Covering spaces

Date: Wednesday 25/02/2015

Georgios Dalezios – Localisation

Date: Friday 20/02/2015
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